Spring has officially arrived, and daylight savings has passed. A time for fresh starts and new beginnings, why not spring ahead of the competition by improving the performance of your sales team?

As sales teams are growing and becoming increasingly dispersed, tracking performance is becoming more important than ever. Do you know how your reps are spending their days? Check out the following statistics:

  • Only 35% of a rep’s time is spent on selling activities, with the remaining two-thirds of their time spent on non-revenue-generating tasks
  • Reps spend up to 4 hours per day sending emails, following up on calls, sending faxes, and other administrative activities
  • Up to 57% of reps say that they can spend up to an HOUR each day on data entry. Another 23% spend MORE than an hour

So, it is no wonder that 34% of reps say closing deals is getting harder. Sales teams need to return to the basics and focus their time on selling. There is one way to get ahead of the competition this season,  and that is by making more sales and closing more deals. Focusing your activity on selling, rather than administrative tasks, is the first step towards doing so – and utilizing sales enablement is the best place to start.

A Fresh Take on Sales Management

In 2016, 60.7% of respondents in a study by CSO Insights reported a ramp-up time of new hires being seven months or more. The catch? Only 36.2% of participants had implemented a sales enablement tool. However, the impact of sales enablement extends far past the onboarding process. In fact, it is key to maintaining the performance of your team.

As the new season arrives, it is time to take a new perspective on sales management. Utilizing sales intelligence is a quick and easy way to gain 100% accurate visibility into the activities of your reps and ensure that they are spending their time wisely. And visibility is the first step towards improved performance.

Built on simplicity, sales activity data provides a window into your team’s daily activities and displays the KPIs that matter to your team. Access all the data you need in a single pane of glass, and eliminate the need for manually entered error-prone CRM reports. Managers will have access to the metrics that matter and from there be able to recognize patterns of behavior and understand which selling activities are predictive of success or failure.

A Return to Selling

With automated sales intelligence data, reps will also have more time to spend on the activities that matter, such as making more calls and follow-up contact attempts, thus improving the efficiency of your team. Rather than manually logging their activity, reps can see their performance in real-time, how they compare to their peers, and focus their efforts on making improvements or more dials instead.

We used a CRM system, it was all manual—I had to log every single call… and my job for the last hour of every day was to compile all these contacts.” –Dan Dougherty, SDR

A more efficient team will be able to book more appointments in a shorter period of time, and from there become more likely to reach quota within the given timeframe. Overall, the focus of your team will return to selling, instead of administrative activities that could be easily automated.

Spring Ahead of the Competition

You may have lost an hour of sleep with daylight savings, but you will certainly sleep better knowing the time and effort a sales enablement tool will save you and your team this year. So, don’t fall behind in a mess of manual reports and overlooked data. The clock has sprung forwards; now, it is time to spring ahead of the competition with sales intelligence.

Learn more about how Gryphon Sales Intelligence can help you get (and stay) ahead of the competition.

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