In 2018, Salesforce found that high performing teams were 1.5x more likely to base forecasts on data-driven insights. In order to access 100% accurate data on your sales team and provide the insights necessary to optimize performance, consider the benefits of a sales acceleration tool at your organization.

So, why sales acceleration? These tools help businesses move prospects through their pipeline with greater efficiency and provide visibility for remote teams. There are countless solutions on the market promising to improve performance and increase revenue. However, this technology is unique because it provides unprecedented insights into daily rep activities that are indicative of success that would be otherwise overlooked or instead, guessed or estimated by managers.

Implementing a sales tool means using every data point produced by your sales team to your advantage. To learn more, below are three key features of this technology and what it can do for you.

3 Key Features of Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales acceleration requires no manual data entry or activity reporting.

With a sales acceleration platform, 100% accurate data is captured automatically, in real-time, to give managers full knowledge and understanding of the daily phone activity of their reps. This technology provides the ability to capture, measure, and multiply the successful behaviors of reps for even the largest, dispersed sales teams.

Call activity data is the most valuable asset a sales manager can utilize. Using call activity data generated by this system is integral for sales managers to accurately set goals and performance standards, and for reps to successfully achieve those goals.

Sales acceleration reduces turnover rates as managers can easily spot struggling reps and provide more informed coaching.

The accurate data provided by a sales acceleration platform allows for more informed coaching and training initiatives, and as a result, higher rep performance and lower turnover rates. Managers can identify reps who are struggling and use the data of high performers to demonstrate a blueprint for success – and from there improve performance and rep retention.

Any sales manager knows that onboarding new team members is both time-consuming and costly. With sales acceleration, new hires can be brought up to speed more quickly and efficiently. With the data provided by this technology, managers can better train reps from the get-go and supercharge productivity with the ability to coach in real-time.

Sales forecasting is more accurate with a sales acceleration tool.

If you think of forecasting as a recipe, eyeballing ingredients will probably turn out okay, but the precise measurement of ingredients is a recipe for success. The same goes for sales. Sure, managers can base forecasts off of gut instinct and manually-reported data provided by reps – but it is a real gamble that those numbers will materialize at the end of the quarter.

In contrast, the data provided by sales acceleration technology is almost a guaranteed recipe for success, providing automation, real-time visibility, and sales analytics that leaders need to optimize their teams and close business faster.

Implementing Sales Acceleration

One of the most valuable aspects this platform can bring to your team is visibility. Nowadays, with virtually all teams working remotely, keeping your reps on the same page when it comes to goals and performance numbers is more important than ever. 

As a manager, this technology can only make your job easier and help deliver better results. Setting accurate benchmarks, identifying key KPIs, and coaching and managing to a standard has never been easier. If you are looking to improve rep performance and accurately help your team hit their numbers this year, consider a sales acceleration solution.

Learn more about how this technology can be a game-changer for your sales organization.

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