3 Sales Tools You Should Have in Your Sales Acceleration Toolbox

October 2, 2020

3 Sales Tools You Should Have in Your Sales Acceleration Toolbox

If you are leading a team of sales reps – whether they are in the office or working from home – it is important to provide your team with sales tools that set them up for success. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt to utilize tools that can benefit your day-to-day as a manager as well. So, here are three tools often provided by a sales acceleration platform that can help improve your management abilities and set your team up for sales success:

Three sales tools you should have: Performance Dashboards

Your sales teams’ daily activity is a company asset that is either being applied to help drive business, or is being squandered. A sales tool with performance dashboards gives managers the ability to capture, measure, and multiply the successful behaviors of customer-facing teams and campaigns from any phone, anywhere.

As a sales leader, performance dashboards are your window into the daily sales activities that predict success. Using this data, managers can better set performance benchmarks for their team, identify reps that may need additional coaching, and manage to a standard to drive more revenue.

Further, accurate data displayed against key performance indicators inform and inspire effectiveness – and let reps know where they stand amongst their peers. That way, a sense of friendly competition is fueled, and reps can self-motivate to meet benchmarks.

Call Recording

For organizations that rely on the phone for sales and service calls, call recording capabilities turn previously inaccessible information—call audio data—into accessible, actionable insights.

A sales acceleration tool that provides cloud-based, secure recording capability can capture 100% of conversations from any phone or device – even while your reps are working from home. Once the data is captured and stored in the cloud, management can easily access this information for sales training and targeted coaching for individual rep improvement.

In fact, utilizing a tool with call recording capabilities can:

  • Reduce training time by up to 30%
  • Doesn’t lengthy hardware implementation or IT administration, and
  • Automatically redacts sensitive information to ensure privacy and compliance

Speech Analytics

A tool that offers targeted speech analytics can deliver the context of your team’s sales conversations to provide a holistic picture of sales effectiveness. Managers can listen in to calls in real time and evaluate transcripts on-demand to evaluate rep conversation effectiveness. This allows management to target any issues that reps may be having before they become unsuccessful habits.

With speech analytics, 100% of your team’s calls are ranked based on words and phrases either used or omitted to indicate strong or weak performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as “Sales Effectiveness,” “Script Adherence,” and “Emotion Detection” are detected to help sales managers stay on top of their team’s daily activities and provide tailored coaching when needed.

If any of these sales tools sound useful to you, consider adopting a sales platform to optimize performance and drive revenue at your organization.