Onboarding and hiring often seem like constant processes in the sales industry due to growth and high turnover rates. In fact, one in five employees leaves a role within the first 45 days – often before their job has come into full swing or they are fully onboard.

However, there is a solution to this pattern; with the technology that exists today, sales tools serve to provide an environment of constant learning for reps so that they can absorb best practices quickly and stick to them from the get-go. Specifically, here are three ways that sales acceleration software can improve the onboarding process at your organization:

Start by investing in the right sales acceleration software for your team:

It is important to accurately track the performance of new hires in order to provide precise coaching and sufficient training. With the proper technology, management should have no problem gathering this data. Consider an investment in sales acceleration technology; this type of platform captures all activity data in real-time, displaying it in dynamic dashboards for coaches to fully understand why certain reps and successful, and others are struggling.

Once you have accurate data at your fingertips, you can begin to establish customized training programs and best practices so that new hires can start on the right path from the get-go.

Tailor Onboarding to your Individual Reps

With sales acceleration software, every sales motion your reps make is gathered – whether it is the number of calls made or the time of day a rep is calling – to provide real-time coaching insights and optimize the effectiveness of your team. From there, measuring the effectiveness of every rep will help you determine the right training path for each team member. 

Utilize these data-driven insights to coach new hires as they learn. The ability to listen-in to live calls may be a manager’s best asset, as it gives them the ability to train reps in real-time – all while setting them on the right track and eliminating any negative behaviors before they can become habits.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can also accurately evaluate and identify training gaps to make personalized recommendations for virtual coaching modules – so reps can access the structured onboarding they need no matter their location.

Create a Culture of Continuous Training

After day one, each day of onboarding should continue to have structure and specific focus. Fifty-four percent of companies with onboarding programs reported higher employee engagement. For your team to effectively retain the information learned at initial onboarding sessions, make sure to have frequent check-ins with reps.

As always, it is a combination of the people, process, and technology working together that makes the difference when it comes to onboarding success at your organization.

Successfully Onboard with Sales Acceleration Software

Remember; it takes accurate insights into reps’ daily, or even hourly, performance to effectively train them to a standard. If you can improve rep productivity with successful onboarding, satisfaction and engagement will likely also increase, thus making it less likely that rep will quit or be let go – and more likely that they will start effectively generating revenue.

Learn how you can accelerate your onboarding program today.

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