More often than ever, sales leaders are managing highly distributed and remote sales forces. As you may know, it can be a challenge to objectively measure, manage, and improve sales performance across reps in various locations.

Even many of the most successful sales executives are actively looking for new ways to grow revenue through these distributed sales teams ― both effectively and efficiently. At the same time, they need an easier way to adhere to marketing and sales compliance requirements to protect their brand.

Accelerating Distributed Sales

At Gryphon, we offer a solution that meets these very needs. Our integrated sales acceleration platform provides an easy way to make more calls, with better outcomes, as well as delivering valuable data insights that enable informed coaching. This helps get underperforming reps operating more like your top sellers, or get them out of the organization sooner.

In short, sales teams:

  • Improve appointment setting
  • Increase cross-selling/up-selling
  • Grow call and contact effectiveness
  • Close more deals, delivering more revenue
  • Improve sales performance coaching

We believe that successful, cost-effective, complaint sales and marketing campaigns rely on four key pillars: ClarifyConnectCapture, and Coach. In this post, let’s dive deeper into the first pillar, Clarify.

Clarifying and Automating Compliance

One of the most important aspects for effective and compliant marketing and sales initiatives are ensuring the rules set forth by Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists are consistently followed. This will ensure compliance and enable protection against negative media headline risk, brand reputation damage, and the potential for costly fines. Automating compliance can make a world of a difference for your organization.

There are some very specific capabilities sales organizations need in place to ensure compliance and get the mot out of every legal contact. These include:

  • Automated Outbound Screening of phone numbers against compliance requirements, any business- or campaign-specific rules impacting outbound calling, and customer preferences.
  • Call Recording to have evidence of PCI compliance and proper use of consumer data. It is also helpful to be able to automatically redact sensitive information to ensure privacy and compliance.
  • Ability to automatically secure and process Call Detail Records on all sales and marketing calling activity.
  • Data Management of established business relationships (EBRs) and internal do not call lists (IDNCs), as well as the ability to easily modify opt-out, opt-in, category and contact preferences, as appropriate.
  • Ability to easily Connect the sales acceleration platform with any applicable marketing systems to track campaign details and results.
  • Ability to apply Frequency and Location Blocks to conform with customer preferences and/or other internal marketing guidelines.
  • Automated Screening and Blocking of outbound calls in real-time, to eliminate the risk and hassle associated with list scrubbing services. It is also important to eliminate any manual scrubbing, which can be prone to human error.

Clarify Customer Rules and Outbound Campaigns

Another set of best practices involving the value pillar, Clarify, involves consulting and professional services. We recommend that you select a sales acceleration partner with deep and broad expertise in privacy, list management, and marketing compliance.

It can be expeditious to outsource the setting up all of the necessary pre-call rules, including a thorough understanding of state regulations in all geographies involved in a campaign. In most cases it is both easier and faster for your vendor partner to set these up to help ensure consistency and compliance.

It is also often worthwhile to outsource the marketing registration processes to make sure the correct registrations are properly handled with government agencies and professional organizations to reduce time and risk. All of these Clarify-related capabilities are essential for both effective marketing and sales outbound calling campaigns, as well as to comply with all of the rules and regulations required to protect your brand.

Coming soon ― a deeper dive into the other value pillars ― Connect, Capture and Coach.

Accelerate sales and clarify compliance at your organization with Gryphon.

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