Sales managers – in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a message we need to share:

There’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of your sales cycle, but you can’t rely on the luck of the Irish alone to get to it!

In practical terms, your pot of gold is your highest year-end revenue yet. What reps do every day plays into hitting revenue goals – so managing based on hunches or banking on closing a lucky deal at the end of the quarter simply isn’t enough. Your sales team will not be able to surpass goals set by leadership without a systematic approach to selling and structured management.

Instead, a sales enablement tool will allow you to better manage your team and hold reps to higher standards. By optimizing rep performance, you will optimize revenue.

Today’s Sales Environment is Data Driven

If you are still managing your sales team with guestimated activity data and hunches, chances are you’re losing out. The data provided by a sales enablement tool unlocks unprecedented insight into the daily revenue-generating activity of reps that manually entered reports and CRM information can’t offer. The stats are in:

  • 50% of salespeople already base their forecasts on data-driven insights (Salesforce)
  • High performing teams are 2.1X more likely than underperforming teams to have fully integrated data systems (Salesforce)

Additionally, having historical data at your fingertips allows managers to see rep improvement over time that would not be tracked or utilized without a sales tool. The days of manually logged activity data are over; don’t fall behind the competition by holding on to outdated practices – or in other words, failing to adopt the latest in sales technology.

Providing the Sales Metrics that Matter

For starters, sales enablement gives managers the information they need to better coach and train reps. When it comes to revenue, this is vital as daily rep activity will predict the success of your team at the end of the quarter. Aspects of these tools such as call tracking, speech analytics, and performance dashboards benefit both reps and managers, serving as sources of learning and motivation for reps, and coaching and decision-making tools for management.

In today’s environment, managing with metrics has become the standard. For example, successful behaviors can be identified and replicated, as managers can use data to coach struggling employees. Showing reps what works rather than telling them, based on a manager’s opinion or style of selling, is bound to go further in the mind of a new hire or struggling employee.

Furthermore, a lack of insight can prevent reps from improving over time, but a sales tool can locate any areas of improvement to reinstate positive behaviors – so even your strongest reps can get better.

Hit Revenue Goals with Sales Enablement

Overall, the ultimate benefit this tool will provide your team with is two-way accountability. Ensuring your team is working together in the right direction is vital to achieving revenue goals.

According to the Brevet Group, only 33 percent of organizations say they met their sales goals in the past two years. If this applies to your team, the following may benefit you:

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As a sales leader, whether your team will obtain revenue goals rests on your shoulders. While your management instincts may be on point, without the latest sales technology your journey to reach that pot of gold will be an uphill battle relying on luck and filled with guesswork. However, implementing a sales enablement tool will instead give you a clear path (dare I say a rainbow?) guiding you to surpass your sales goals.


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