LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retail Banking 2016, Booth #107 — Gryphon Networks, a leading sales intelligence service provider, and Belmont Savings Bank, a leading chartered Massachusetts bank, have successfully deployed Gryphon’s patented Sales Intelligence Platform to establish a data-driven approach to Bank Branch sales effectiveness and improve overall management operations. Belmont has implemented the cloud-based platform across its 30 bankers in six branches in Massachusetts.

As digital banking proliferates, fewer consumers conduct business in a physical branch. To offset the lack of in-person interactions, Belmont Savings Bank relies heavily on telephone conversations to effectively connect with customers and create selling opportunities. However, it became increasingly challenging to efficiently track and accurately manage call activity. It was also difficult to establish sales effectiveness strategies because the process was highly manual, subjective and time-consuming.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence automatically captures detailed activity of every sales telephone call at the network level across any region, team, or office regardless of type of phone used to make the calls. As agents make phone calls from mobile phones, branch offices, home offices and CRM systems, Gryphon’s carrier-grade network intelligence captures activities, call audio and outcomes so managers retain much-needed visibility and context into phone-based customer interactions. This call activity is analyzed and presented in real-time in the Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard to provide managers with an actionable, intuitive “window” into the sales behaviors that matter.

“We depend on accurate data to effectively measure sales performance and ensure we’re delivering superior customer experiences in our calling activities,” said Morgan Cambern, SVP and director of retail operations at Belmont Savings Bank. “The data captured, analyzed and presented in Gryphon Sales Intelligence helps us establish a data-driven selling approach based on the actual behaviors proven to lead to desired results. Our bankers perform at a higher level due to increased accountability, and managers are able to set performance standards to which they can manage and train bankers.”

“We’re thrilled to work with such a forward-thinking organization like Belmont Savings Bank as it takes its selling methodology to the next level,” said Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of Gryphon Networks. “More than simply having the right tools in place, implementing and adhering to a proven process will help maximize sales investment. We look forward to seeing the great things Belmont will accomplish.”

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