December 22, 2016

Big Data Needs Accurate Collection Processes for Decisions

Next week, Gryphon’s VP of Sales and Marketing Eric Esfahanian is participating in an expert panel from PACE’s NY Metro Summer Sizzle called “Generating Stickiness in Service and Sales with Multi-Channel Solutions”. The big data available to businesses today has enormous potential in driving smart decision making to improve sales performance. But Esfahanian and the team here at Gryphon see a recurring challenge to businesses using big data effectively: accuracy.

Your big data is only as reliable as your existing processes to collect it in the first place.

Sales and customer service agents are increasingly working outside a traditional office or call center environment. When you can’t manage by walking around and can’t rely on hardware for tracking activity, you’re left with self-reporting and manual data entry into your CRM. Those options are rife with opportunities for human errors that won’t deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute activity data and could even cost you sales.

The alternative is to capture the data automatically at the source. Then, managers can access data, run reports, and monitor sales activity in real time. They gain unbeatable visibility into the activity and performance of their distributed sales teams. They can get a jump on determining which agents are lagging behind and how to help them, or better understand what makes star performers tick and share practices with the rest of the team faster.

Automatic activity data capture provides managers with the real-time, on-demand access necessary for making smarter decisions and developing a highly effective team that closes more deals and increases revenue.

Accurate sales activity data is the difference between true sales intelligence and pretty graphs.