As a modern-day hub for tech innovation, Boston hosts countless web, information, and mobile giants. In particular, it is home to a highly competitive B2B tech market. One of the highest venture capital invested-per-capita cities, Boston is known for its elite research—MIT, Harvard, and countless other universities—as well as over 40 university and industry incubators/accelerators state-wide.

In Cambridge alone, there is more spending on tech academic research and development, $4 billion to be exact, than anywhere else in the US—including the Bay Area. Areas including Kendall Square, the Financial District and the Seaport are booming with innovative and state-of-the-art companies that are shaping the city into one of the most powerful tech environments on the globe.Therefore, it is no surprise that the tech scene is highly competitive.

Leaders in B2B Tech

Recognizing the best of the best, G2 Crowd has compiled a list of Boston’s top B2B tech companies of 2018, based on user satisfaction of the companies’ top-rated products and market presence. The top 25 companies were selected out of a list of over 140 tech companies in the Boston area. The list is built based on the more than 300,000 B2B software and services reviews on G2 Crowd, as well as public data from LinkedIn and other vendor websites.

“Boston is considered one of the most innovative cities on the planet,” says Jeff Fotta CEO at Gryphon Networks. “The fact that the scoring is determined from verified user reviews as opposed to the opinions of faceless ‘experts’ further validates the G2Crowd methodology as well as the credibility of these rankings.”

You can find the rankings here and learn why Gryphon is in the top 10 here.

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