There are plenty of ways any call recording system can improve sales productivity as well as training and quality-assurance programs – not to mention the ways it can strengthen compliance with complicated marketing privacy laws – but cloud-based call recording can have unexpected benefits as well. Here are three unexpected ways your distributed sales and marketing teams could benefit from cloud-based call recording:

1) Automate quality control

The best of breed call recording solutions on the market today feature speech analytics packages for tagging certain phrases, key words, and even emotion triggers. These features make it easy for managers to find the nuggets of information that may be hidden in hours of recorded audio and to track quality or agent behavior patterns over time. In addition, automatic tags can trigger push reports that alert managers to potential problems in real time so they can address them on the spot.All that automation allows quality control teams to spend less time chasing down issues and more time focused on ways to actually improve performance.

2) Speed up virtualization of your office

Call recording solutions have long been valuable training and quality assurance tools, but have historically been very expensive, requiring a huge up-front investment in hardware, software and storage space, not to mention recurring maintenance and support costs. High upfront and other recurring costs are not always feasible for startups and smaller companies.Furthermore, businesses that needed recording had to be centralized in a single, brick-and-mortar location. Increasingly, businesses are adopting mobile technology and their agent populations are moving to smaller remote offices, even home offices.Today’s best call recording solutions eliminate those issues because they operate in the cloud. As a result, businesses can record every call its agents make and turn raw audio into actionable analytics, no matter what the technology budget may be or how many offices and remote agents it has.Cloud-based call recording, instead of making it impossible to move to a more virtual office, can make it easier than ever.

3) Make it easy for agents to listen to recordings of themselves

In theory, relying heavily on many geographically dispersed offices and remote agents, even with the benefits of cloud-based call recording, would compound quality control and agent training challenges. After all, what could be more effective than in-person meetings for listening to recordings and analyzing script adherence scores or other data points?

The answer is allowing agents to listen to themselves.Listening to audio of oneself speaking it is a long-established and powerful method for improving public speaking. Cloud-based call recording makes it possible for agents, no matter where they are, to listen to their own interactions with prospects and customers through a web interface with just one click. Automated tagging and scoring of each call’s effectiveness provides a quantified, objective analysis of quality.

Agents can listen to their actual call with that data in front of them as often as their mangers require, making it an excellent way for agents to understand what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. A quick follow up phone call with a manager is all that is necessary to review progress and cement goals for the next month or quarter.Interested in how cloud-based call recording can benefit your field-based sales and marketing team?

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