Sales acceleration technology provides organizations with a better way to scale, deliver predictable revenue each month, and build a winning sales team. Too often, sales teams are unreliable in terms of revenue forecasting due to inconsistencies in skills, experience, and training across the team. Managers; if you feel the need to accelerate sales at your organization, you aren’t alone.

The Gryphon ONE platform helps sales organizations by integrating powerful sales tools to scale and accelerate sales for every member of a sales team, making revenue growth faster and more reliable.

The platform helps to accelerate sales and allows sales leaders and their reps to:

  • Grow revenue faster with insights-based coaching
  • Shorten the sales cycle with performance analytics
  • Boost effectiveness through automation

Accelerate Sales with Gryphon ONE

The Gryphon ONE platform provides automation, real-time visibility, and sales analytics to optimize sales team effectiveness and close more business. The platform offers dynamic dashboards and coaching modules with a simple user experience to deliver revenue faster. With Gryphon ONE your sales teams can easily improve performance related to:

  • Onboarding new sales reps and ramping up their performance faster using an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered training system and real-time, virtual coaching
  • Driving more top-of-funnel leads consistently with automated contact, compliance, and conversational effectiveness tools
  • Progressing deals through the funnel more consistently with listen-in capabilities, targeted speech analytics, and real-time coaching
  • Implementing and getting your customers using your products more quickly

By using state-of-the-art sales acceleration technology, everyone on your sales team wins.

  • Sales leaders get new coaching tools that enable real-time corrective action and true insight into individual and team performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). Rather than listening to hours of recordings, Gryphon ONE lets you listen-in in real time. Experience those critical moments of sales conversation and provide immediate recommendations, or prompt a particular training module. Leaders also gain access to the data they need to make revenue forecasting easier and more accurate to accelerate sales.
  • Top sales performers can spend more time on revenue-generating activities because they no longer need to train and share best practices with the rest of the team. With Gryphon ONE, that’s all done automatically. This lets your lone wolves continue to excel unimpeded.
  • Average sales performers can access new tools and better, more specific coaching based on machine learning analytics applied to their live calls. Heatmaps and leaderboards support the competitive drive among teammates. They’ll have a shot for the President’s Club this year.
  • Below average performers gain a new opportunity to improve their skills and conversational effectiveness. With rep-specific targeted speech analytics and learning modules, below average performers can quickly accelerate sales. If these team members don’t up their game using these start-of-the-art tools, it may be time for them to look elsewhere.

Does your team need to accelerate sales to hit quota this year?

Your entire sales team can now listen to recordings of top performers to better understand why they are effective. In addition, the targeted speech analytics evaluate each individual sales rep and offers the right skills training for their development areas – based on real, current data.

Another benefit for all team members is more time to sell. Gryphon ONE automatically integrates with your CRM, so less time is spent logging data, next steps, and dispositions. Instead, your team has more time to focus on the sales activities that progress deals forward to close.

Learn more about how Gryphon ONE can accelerate sales at your organization.

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