This is an article originally published by CIO Review featuring Gryphon Networks in the Compliance Edition, published December 17, 2019.

Along with the article, Gryphon was named by CIO Review was one of the 20 Most Promising Compliance Technology Solution Providers of 2019.

Core-to-Edge Approach for Effective Sales Performance Management

Compliance is a far-reaching topic, and it comprises a lot of different aspects of technology operations. Whether insourcing or outsourcing, organizations often land in trouble due to differing and evolving laws and regulations—especially companies which try to do everything in-house. This self-governing practice can be risky, and inefficient, as it brings all the liability and risk directly to the firm. “Many people look at compliance as a necessary evil. Although, if it is done properly, it can actually be the source of significant competitive advantage and reduction in customer churn,” says Eric Esfahanian, Chief Revenue Officer of Gryphon Networks, a leading provider of call compliance and sales performance management SaaS for distributed teams.

Compliance can improve effectiveness by engaging people in a way they want to be engaged—through their preferred channels— about the products in which they are most interested. That is where Gryphon Networks places its focus. The company’s robust telephony and analytical platform automatically captures, controls and visualizes sales and marketing activity collected from any application or device to enhance management effectiveness, optimize outreach and lessen risk. Focusing on B2C companies, Gryphon Networks caters to verticals such as financial services, insurance, media & advertising, retail banking, vacation, and home/field services.

Though a common problem for B2C companies of all sizes, it is especially challenging for large organizations—with more than 1000, salespeople in the field, at home or working from branch offices—to gain visibility into and/or keep track of sales and marketing reps’ daily calling and outreach activities. With its two-pronged approach, Gryphon Networks solves the challenge of limited company oversight as well as visibility into sales and marketing activities conducted via any application, by any rep, at any location because the platform syncs with any device used to communicate with customers and prospects.

Risk-Free Compliance Solution

Following a few necessary but simple steps, such as standardizing the proprietary rules that govern sales and marketing communications into a core data source, Gryphon Networks then enforces the rules at the outbound level via screening (and possibly blocking) phone calls and/or emails. The company’s methodology combined with its technology implementation is called the “core-to-edge approach.” The core-to-edge approach enables companies to have a set of standard rules that protect the brand and relationship with their clients, portraying a successful example of doing marketing compliance the right way.

“Many people look at compliance as a necessary evil. Although, if it is done properly, it can actually be the source of significant competitive advantage and REDUCED customer churn.” – Eric Esfahanian, Gryphon Networks

For instance, Gryphon Networks helped one of its media clients bring more visibility into the activities of third-party Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) vendors that supported their outbound marketing. The organization had been dependent on these BPOs to self-report their performance and activities, and there was no other way to verify their work. Hence, the media firm required a straightforward framework with which they could keep track of the marketing efforts the BPOs were conducting on their behalf. With their core-to-edge approach, Gryphon Networks was able to build and enforce a standard set of rules with real-time blocking service with each of their BPOs. Additionally, Gryphon provided a window into all activity via dashboards that collected call data from the network automatically, providing an audit trail for compliance assurance and reporting.

Gryphon Networks was then able to give its client accurate and independent visibility into every outbound call placed by the BPO, every day, in real-time. The client could go into Gryphon’s performance dashboard and look at the effectiveness of campaigns by any measure—e.g. teams, individuals, programs, tactics, clients, phone lines, etc.—without worrying about the accuracy of the data. Gryphon’s core-to-edge approach also afforded the client’s 3rd parties with the flexibility they needed to use their own equipment, infrastructure, and carrier, while also giving the firm the ability to screen and block numbers that were either illegal or restricted.

Empower Your Organization Without Risk

Boston-based Gryphon Networks has been empowering enterprises across the globe with SaaS tools that enhance the productivity of large dispersed sales teams for more than two decades. Today, the company clears billions of call transactions every month for its clients and is now positioned for incorporating big data with machine learning and AI. This growth initiative will enable Gryphon Networks to collect and analyze more data, leading to better outcomes, more insights into the results of marketing campaigns, and to help maximize outreach.

Unleash your marketing potential while ensuring brand protection.

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