BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gryphon Networks, a leader in sales intelligence and marketing compliance services, today announced new features to its award-winning Sales Intelligence Platform. The latest version of the Gryphon Sales Intelligence Platform now supports real-time data updates to agent call activity data, providing managers with the insight needed to improve training and sales performance.

The cloud-based Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform automatically captures detailed activity of every sales telephone call across any region, team, or office regardless of calling device. As agents make carrier-grade phone calls from their mobile phones, branch offices, home offices, or PCs and CRM systems, their activities are automatically captured and logged for reporting and analysis without requiring them to change process, use a different phone, or manually update CRM.
The centerpiece of the platform is the Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard, which aggregates all call activity data in real-time, and presents it in an actionable, intuitive way to allow managers to closely monitor the activities and performance of their team, regardless of location or device used. Managers use this information to coach reps, train new hires and provide an established standard of activity that is predictive of desired outcomes. The Dashboard is accessible on-demand from any browser or tablet.
“As little as 5% of the average managers’ time can be spent on coaching reps, so efficiency and accuracy is critical,” said Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president, Gryphon Networks. “A true real-time dashboard that shows the selling activities and reps that get results can truly improve coaching for managers and their business’ bottom line.”
In addition to the real-time updates, the Gryphon Dashboard also brings improvements to user customized reports, as well as rep-level detail views to provide managers with specific, targeted info on reps’ behaviors on-demand to uncover trends and emerging opportunities.
“Our clients have validated that Gryphon Sales Intelligence is an essential management tool,” added Esfahanian. “With the addition of real-time analytics, customers now have a true sales accountability tool for both reps and their managers to ensure better execution and continuous improvement regardless of where they work.”
For more information on Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard, please watch this brief video:
About Gryphon Networks

Companies with dispersed sales teams depend on Gryphon to optimize sales performance and eliminate regulatory risk. Gryphon’s cloud-based technology automatically collects and analyzes call data from any device to transform sales activity into actionable sales intelligence. The world’s top banks, brokerage, healthcare and insurance firms are among more than 600 clients that rely on Gryphon for marketing compliance and sales intelligence solutions that deliver on-demand insight and drive measurable impact. For more information, visit or call 866-366-6822.
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