Effectively managing a remote, distributed sales team is challenging, especially without tools to provide real insight into individual and team performance. Having the tools and data to objectively measure, manage, and improve sales performance across individual sales reps and the entire team is the key to success. This includes dynamic, interactive dashboards that provide easy access to accurate, real-time information about your team’s sales call activity.

The Gryphon Sales Acceleration Platform makes it much easier to have all of the data you need at your fingertips. This data and the dashboards that convey it also become a primary tool to evaluating whether new hires are getting up the learning curve in a way that predicts success. Gryphon is focused on enabling organizations with distributed sales teams to achieve better outcomes, gain valuable sales performance insights, and ultimately drive revenue faster.

Becoming a Better Sales Coach

As discussed in prior posts, successful sales and marketing campaigns rely on four pillars: ClarifyConnectCapture, and Coach. In this post, we dive deeper into the final pillar, Coach. If you missed our posts on ClarifyConnect, or Capture, you can read them now.

One of the key aspects of effective sales and marketing campaigns is the ability to measure sales performance both at the campaign level and the individual rep level. With the Gryphon Sales Acceleration Platform, sales leaders benefit from accurate, easy-to-use sales performance data that is presented in simple yet dynamic dashboards. Here are some specific capabilities sales leaders need to enable better coaching and focused training with accurate, real-time data insight:

Sales Coaching Powered by Data

Dynamic sales acceleration dashboards including scorecards, ratios, call frequency, and heat maps provide real-time visibility with interactive, accurate views into sales and marketing activities. Effortless access to this valuable data enables better analysis of campaigns as well as rep and team effectiveness. These real-time dashboards provide quick stats and metrics at a glance, saved insights charts and push notifications for quick review in a single spot, and a leaderboard ranking top performers, regularly reloaded to support gamification.

G-score also supports gamification through real-time visibility to team performance based on accurate views into what’s working and what’s not. The G-score is made up of a combination of four key performance indicators (KPIs), which can include total calls against goals, total contacts against goals, disposition adherence and appointments set. The G-score provides sales managers a way to easily understand how agents are performing and enables simple, fair comparison between teams with different metrics.

Targeted speech analytics optimize language and conversation effectiveness and automatically track and report on KPIs such as “Sales Effectiveness,” “Script Adherence,” and “Emotion Detection”. Knowing what language is working helps improve coaching and revenue production for current team members and supports the onboarding process for new hires by providing best practices.

Together these capabilities help distributed sales teams:

  • Improve appointment setting
  • Increase cross-selling/upselling
  • Grow call and contact effectiveness
  • Close more deals, delivering more revenue
  • Improve sales performance coaching

Data-driven insights give a sales coach the tools needed to better do their job.

In short, Gryphon Networks helps sales leaders accelerate sales and revenue growth through distributed sales teams. We do this by providing an integrated sales acceleration platform that delivers data insights through dynamic dashboards, enabling more informed coaching and training.

The Gryphon Sales Acceleration Platform is easy to implement (with virtually no work for your IT team), easy to use with almost any device, and easy to manage (e.g. updating rules and accessing dashboards). The platform also seamlessly integrates with all major CRMs (and many others).

See how capturing sales data can benefit sales coaching at your organization and optimize rep performance. 

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