Whether it’s your first job out of school, or if you’re a mid-level hire jumping ship into a new field like me, starting out in sales can be a daunting task. As a new sales rep, the phrase ‘cold calling’ in a job description has the potential to leave you with cold sweats and shivers up your spine. But once you get past the initial apprehension, your best bet is to strategize a plan of attack. As a sales rep, if you can answer these 4 simple questions, you’ll find yourself on a path to success:
How many calls are needed to reach a prospect?
When is the best time to make calls?
How many calls will it take to set an appointment?
Are your call patterns trending in the right (or wrong) direction?
In order to take on the challenge of sales, you need to take a data-driven approach to develop a recipe for success, which is the premise of Gryphon Networks’ Sales Intelligence platform. While my role at Gryphon is to drive business development, the product I represent has been invaluable in getting me off the ground and running at a strong pace.

Why? When I can access objective data and metrics that will tell me how I am doing relative to currently successful reps, my activity can be easily tracked and reviewed by my manager in spite of where I make my sales calls (ie landline, cell phone, home). If you’re like most sales reps, you’re probably already shaking your head at the idea of being tracked by your manager. But face it, it’s 2015 and virtually every move you make nowadays is tracked – do you really think its mere coincidence that the Caribbean resort you were looking at a few website visits ago magically popped up in an ad when you were looking at your winter weather forecast?

Most sales’ teams use a CRM system, so it’s already expected that our activity is accurately logged and reviewed. Assuming you’re following boss’orders, why wouldn’t you favor a way to automate your phone activity that will not only make your day a whole lot easier, but also show your manager the continual progress you’re making (or not)?

Using an Analytical, Data Driven Approach

By taking an analytical, data-driven approach to your phone-based sales activity, you’ll begin to see trends, areas needing adjustment, and areas of strength.

Take cold calling for instance – if you’re fearful of it, it’s probably because you fear rejection. Why wouldn’t you want to develop a heat mat for success by identifying the times you’re most successful at setting that appointment. This way, you can call when you are MOST likely to get the outcome you need. That takes a lot of anxiety out of the equation. With Gryphon Networks , sales reps can tag the outcome of a call directly from the phone keypad and from there will show up in their team’s sales dashboard to identify how calls are trending. If an individual isn’t performing up to team standards, managers will now be able to pinpoint where more training and coaching is needed.

Make no mistake, being in sales is a tough gig! But it can be extremely rewarding, financially and otherwise. Sales teams now have the ability to leverage data instead of running from it. While Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence isn’t the Holy Grail for success, it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal, putting you on the right track and keeping you on the rails.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

As we enter 2015, it’s time for fresh beginnings; click here to learn more about how Gryphon can help boost your current or future sales career.

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