Telemarketers, be aware: the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a rate increase for telephone solicitors to access the National Do Not Call Registry.

Effective October 1, 2014, fees will be increased from $59 per area code or $16,228 for all US area codes to $60 per area code or $16,482 for all US area codes. The increased fees is approved for the fiscal year 2015 (from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015). The first five (5) area codes subscribed to will remain free. Subscriptions expiring before October 1, 2014, will be charged at the previous rate of $16,228 for a twelve-month period of all US area codes.

All telemarketers calling consumers in the United States are required every year to subscribe to the National Do Not Call Registry and download the numbers on it to ensure they do not call those who have consumers who have registered their phone numbers. The Registry is broken up by area codes so telemarketers can only subscribe to the regions they are targeting. The first five area codes are free, and organizations that are exempt from the Do Not Call rules, such as some charitable organizations, may obtain the entire list for free.

The good news is that Gryphon offers marketing privacy consulting services to help marketers manage annual subscriptions. Gryphon’s List Management Services and Marketer Registration Services are available to facilitate your registrations, subscriptions, renewals and meet all associated bonding, registered agent, and other compliance challenges associated with do-not-contact list and solicitor registration requirements.

Navigating the state and federal regulatory maze while mitigating risk is becoming more daunting every day for compliance leaders. Especially when dealing with agents in branch offices, reps using personal phones, or independents and BPOs marketing on your behalf. For almost 20 years, Gryphon has protected the largest and most valued brands in banking, insurance, manufacturing and home services from headline risk, brand damage, and costly fines associated with outbound marketing violations.

Avoid TCPA and DNC fines. Protect your business from TCPA and DNC Risk. The Cost of non-compliance extends far beyond the risk of fines. Since 1998, Gryphon’s highly patented suite of compliance services provides bulletproof compliance and protection from headline risk, brand damage, and costly penalties.

Our services apply all legal exemptions to those laws to help your business grow, and our experts provide customized consulting and support with expanding regulations. Bullet-proof compliance is only half the equation used to solve TCPA and DNC compliance issues.  Gryphon’s intelligent cloud engine automatically applies legal exemptions (opt-ins) to make sure you are not over-suppressing legal contacts who want to hear from you. Gryphon’s Secure Cloud engine unlocks your largest marketable universe to maximize your outreach and protect every opportunity.

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