We’re accustomed to seeing scoreboards at sporting events. Why keep score? Wouldn’t the athletes do their best simply for the love of the game? …It’s not likely.

Sales Teams Need to See the Numbers

Stephen Pearson, from the Cambridge, Ontario branch of Stephen Covey Co. Canada, says, “Humans are hard-wired to work harder when they’re keeping score. Can you tell if two teams are keeping score or not? Most often it is reflected in their focus and intensity as they play, and in their reaction when either side scores.”

By ‘gamifying‘ your sales team, you can take advantage of this reality to promote focus and intensity in your individual sales reps. A well-constructed and timely leaderboard offers insight into your sales process, highlights top performers, and creates accountability and healthy competition among the team. It also helps the sales leader determine if the sales process is continuing to improve performance, what insights top performers are using to close sales, and whether there is a sufficient number of qualified leads.

Why are the scoreboards at sports events big and bright? It’s important to keep the score in front of the athletes. Nothing is more demotivating to athletes or sales reps than an inaccurate or lagging scoreboard. You need to keep your sales leaderboard accurate and timely, and you need to keep it in front of your team. A robust sales acceleration software platform is critical to the success of your leaderboard. The right system should offer visibility of each sales person’s numbers at any point in time to the entire team, as well as the leader, and ensure the data is captured and displayed in a timely and accurate manner.

Why a Sales Management Software Promotes Healthy Growth

Gryphon’s sales acceleration software is automatic, accurate, and actionable. This sales performance tool displays a window into the activities of your team and captures intuitive snapshots of your business’ key performance indicators. Rather than using precious time to record their activities, your team can rely on this sales performance tool to monitor call attempt frequency, even recording calls for later review. The Dashboard serves as your scoreboard, highlighting top performers and offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of your sales process.

Take a lesson from the sports world; gamify your team by creating an effective leaderboard and use a robust sales management platform like Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard to increase the focus, intensity, and performance of your entire sales team.

Learn more about how a sales acceleration software can boost sales at your organization.

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