This week, one of the industry’s most significant technology and enterprise software conferences take place: Dreamforce. Each year, Dreamforce proves to be the top event to gather top influencers and decision-makers who will discuss debate, and share ideologies around CRM, customer experiences, sales productivity, and more. We’re looking forward to conversing with these executives and meeting with customers to hear how they’re getting ROI on their CRM investments.

As an AppExchange Partner, we’ve worked with Salesforce for years on helping sales executives get the most out of their CRM deployments and to improve the overall effectiveness of their sales practices. Our CRM App for, for example, enables sales agents to make calls directly from the Salesforce CRM interface without manually logging any call details. The Gryphon CRM App for also allows managers to gain a clear, simple, and objective on-demand view of the calling activity of any sales rep calling from any phone.

The integrations between Gryphon and Salesforce are integral to both the sales agent and customer experience, and we’re steadfast on continuing collaborations always to deliver sales and marketing solutions that improve sales effectiveness and marketing compliance.

The Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform offers a complete CRM integration with systems like and Microsoft Dynamics. The CTI Integration includes a dialer, click-to-call functionality, and automatic call logging of call activity without manual input from your sales reps.

Call data such as the number of calls made, the frequency of dial, average talk time, call result (set an appointment, follow up, etc.), is captured automatically and is available within Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard as well within CRM giving full visibility into agent performance.

With Gryphon App for CRM, users can quickly execute calls and campaigns without having to leave their CRM interface. This execution allows your reps to save time, make more calls and have better conversations while improving the accuracy of the data that sales leaders use to manage their business and drive growth.

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