Gryphon App For CRM 7.0 improves management visibility to phone-based interactions.

Gryphon Networks, a leader in sales intelligence software and services, announces the newest release of its App for CRM. Gryphon App 7.0. The Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform integrates with your CRM (e.g. Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM etc) and enables carrier-grade Click-to-Dial telephony, automatic call activity logging with recording and an advanced analytic dashboard to measure the performance of your sales and service reps.

Gryphon App for CRM  provides automatic marketing and do-not-call compliance while simplifying the process of outbound prospecting from CRM.

With this new release, users can now make and receive telephone calls via Gryphon’s Universal Access Click-to-Dial service or Gryphon’s Softphone for PC or Mac. Calling activities made through the Gryphon App for CRM will be automatically logged in Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard as well as the standard Salesforce call activity record in real-time.

For IT managers, no office phone or other carrier network adjustment is required.

Gryphon App is a component of the Gryphon Sales Intelligence System, an advanced telephony platform that provides sales leaders with a real-time “window” into their sales reps’ phone-based effectiveness. The system includes call recording, intuitive dashboards, targeted speech analytics and embedded call controls that deliver 100% accurate and highly relevant insight to managers based on their specific business goals and KPIs.

“For sales leaders, most sales enablement technology is a lot of heat and very little light,” said Gryphon Networks’ Chief Revenue Officer, Eric Esfahanian. “Gryphon App 7.0 empowers managers with sales insights proven to increase average rep effectiveness while returning at least 30 minutes per week to reps in added productivity. Better managers create higher performing reps…two things that move the ‘revenue needle’ in a big way for clients.”

Other features of the latest release include enhancements to Gryphon DialViewTM. Gryphon DialView provides users with a simplified list view of phone numbers that have been certified as “OK to Contact” so reps can dial straight down the list without interruption or changing CRM views. Now DialView will support “Custom Objects” and “Person Accounts” as object types to select for processing.

Gryphon App for CRM 7.0 is available now.

About Gryphon Networks

Companies with field-based, mobile or branch-based sales teams depend on Gryphon to optimize sales performance and eliminate regulatory risk. The highly-patented Gryphon Sales Intelligence Platform automatically collects and analyzes call data from any device to transform phone-based activity into actionable sales intelligence that delivers significant return-on-investment from customer communications and outreach. The world’s top banks, brokerage, healthcare and insurance firms are among over 700 enterprise clients.

For more information, visit or call 866-366-6822.

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