This is a guest post written by Gryphon’s Chief Revenue Officer – Eric Esfahanian.

Hey everybody,

We just released the latest version of our Sales Intelligence system and it’s one of the most important updates in a while.

For the uninitiated, the Gryphon Sales Intelligence system is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to capture and process phone-based activity conducted by sales reps from any phone, carrier, or device. The purpose of the system is to help managers identify the daily selling behaviors that get the best results so they can improve agent effectiveness and optimize training and coaching. Further, managers can improve customer retention by obtaining accurate, measurable insights into everyday phone communications between reps and their customers or prospects.

What makes this latest release so important is how it enhances the concept of simplicity. Starting with the dashboard: managers will now receive insight into suspicious behaviors that may be affecting performance… things like incredibly high appointment-set ratios or low connect times that can now be quickly remediated.  Users can also choose between dark and light themes based on their preference.

Additionally, we revamped our CRM plug-in to make it easier than ever for reps to call through assigned or created lists without jumping from screen to screen, or even logging their activity manually.  This will be a welcomed development for road-warriors and account managers who wish to maximize their time with customers and minimize their time wasted on administrative tasks.

“The purpose of the system is to help managers identify the daily selling behaviors that get the best results so they can improve agent effectiveness and optimize training and coaching.”

Gryphon has long believed that any technology that professes to improve agent productivity or efficiency must be designed in a simple, straightforward fashion.  In other words, the best tools are “invisible” to the user and do not get in the way their daily process. Great salespeople are an independent group and very protective of their workflow.  As soon as a rep has to change the way they work in order to accommodate a new application or technology, they’ve already begun to stop using it.

Therefore, the central challenge for technologists and sales leaders is to only adopt products that both simplify the reps daily revenue-related tasks while also delivering demonstrated value to leadership so managers can more easily benchmark successful behaviors, manage to a standard, and raise the performance of every rep on their team. Anything else is a distraction.

The Gryphon system is purpose-built from the ground up on this premise.  The hundreds of thousands of Gryphon users who’ve logged over 1.5 billion minutes of talk time over the past decade can attest; our system is designed to make reps more effective and make them more money, NOT make them crazy!

Check out the new changes here, or reach out to us to learn more.

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