Gryphon Networks, a leading provider of proven performance management solutions for decentralized sales teams, proudly announces the availability of the Gryphon Sales Performance Methodology (SPM), a step-by-step guide to drive sales performance through optimal customer and prospect outreach. The Gryphon SPM leverages data and the daily sales activities of reps to provide predictive analytics that help team leaders improve sales effectiveness and grow revenue. The methodology is also a key part of Gryphon’s Sales Performance Platform but can also be adopted as a stand-alone training system.

The Gryphon Sales Performance Methodology is a data-driven decision-making approach, which helps sales leaders bring accountability, insights, expertise, and actionable coaching points to their teams’ sales efforts – regardless of rep location or phone type. By emphasizing the importance of managing the daily activities of sales reps, Gryphon measures sales reps’ outbound call volume and results – from any landline, mobile phone, or app – providing an intuitive, out-of-the-box dashboard to show sales performance and identify areas for improvement. The Gryphon SPM directly addresses the struggle that sales leaders often face in attempting to achieve sustained sales performance. Fortune 500 companies and SMBs that implement the Gryphon Sales Performance Platform have witnessed up to a 50% increase in sales effectiveness.

Developed by leveraging 20 years of outbound call tracking data and analysis from the largest sales and marketing organizations, the Gryphon SPM has millennia of statistical significance. To date, Gryphon’s clients have placed more than 1 billion calls, booked 20 million appointments, recorded 190 million post-call outcomes and spoken to customers for a total for 804 million minutes through the company’s advanced telephony platform. Combined, these statistics amount to an incredible 1,500 years of call duration.

“Before Gryphon, the only data that we were able to look at was how many outbound dials people were making,” said Evan Cross, Regional Sales Coordinator for Aflac, a Fortune 200 supplemental insurer. “Now we have the ability to track not only how many dials people are making but the behavior of top performers to elevate our whole team to get better at what they are doing… to look at who is doing what well and use that to coach the rest of the team.”

Daily sales activities are predictive of success. For managers of branch or field sales teams, there is often a visibility gap between the daily work of agents and their eventual outcomes. Closing this gap to get an accurate real-time look at call activity provides sales leaders with rich, actionable insights into the behavior of both top and bottom performers. The Gryphon Sales Performance Methodology provides a definitive game plan to ensure that accountability and continuous improvement are the benchmarks for all reps – regardless of their location, phone, or job role.

“Sales leaders are dealing with too much data and too many tools that don’t assist with effective coaching or increase sales performance,” states Eric Esfahanian, Gryphon Chief Revenue Officer. “Managers can apply our Sales Performance Methodology to establish a data-driven standard for their team to get results from 100% of their reps, not simply relying on pipeline management or the old 80/20 rule,” added Esfahanian.

The Gryphon Sales Performance Methodology is easy, practical, and magnifies the behaviors that move the revenue needle. It’s simple to adopt and customize to ensure sustained value for any organization that relies on the telephone to grow and retain business.

Customers who have adopted the Gryphon SPM can expect a minimum increase of 20% and often more than 50% increase in average sales effectiveness per rep. The Gryphon SPM provides a repeatable, measurable, and scalable framework for closing deals and improving customer relationships. Gryphon’s proven approach arms dispersed and enterprise sales teams with a blueprint for sustained management excellence and revenue growth.

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About Gryphon Networks

Gryphon Networks, The Sales Intelligence Company™, is the leading provider of performance management solutions for decentralized sales teams. Our Sales Performance Management Platform automatically captures, controls, and visualizes sales and marketing activity generated from any device or application to increase revenue, improve management effectiveness, and reduce compliance risk. More than a dozen Fortune 100 clients, including some of the largest banks, brokerage, insurance, and consumer services firms, are among Gryphon’s 300+ clients in North America.

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