Increase Successful Sales Outcomes with’s New Sales Rep Dashboards

September 22, 2021

Increase Successful Sales Outcomes with’s New Sales Rep Dashboards

Close more deals with multi-channel analytics and intelligence that give your sales reps a competitive edge.’s new Sales Rep Dashboards deliver the data-driven insights your sales reps need to maximize their sales revenue and bookings outcomes. Sales Rep Dashboards enable reps to:  

  • NEW! Drive focused task management with data-rich dashboards that reveal account and contact-level outreach. 
  • NEW! Compel targeted personal improvement based on what is and isn’t working with  AI-powered call sentiment, key moments, and battlecard content. 
  • NEW! Provide a single source of truth for all prospecting activity with seamless CRM integration that ensures all personal outreach (voice, email, social), call recordings, and transcripts automatically flow into your dashboards.   
  • NEW! Empower sales reps to quickly evaluate their own performance based on a variety of multi-channel KPIs, top calls, and calls that require review. 

These dashboards allow your sales reps to:  

  • Stay ahead of KPIs with at-a-glance gauges that show personal goal achievements, as well as team stack rankings that drive leaderboard gamification. 
  • Optimize ongoing performance with AI-powered call sentiment, key moments, G1 call quality scores, and alerts that highlight strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Maximize productivity with access to all activity, connection, meeting, and opportunity data from one, unified platform for accelerated opportunity advancement and increased win rates. 

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