“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

As a sales leader, you know you are only as good as your latest number. Here today, gone tomorrow. It is undoubtedly important to you to make sure your team reaches its maximum productivity, but you also have to think about yourself and what it takes to be effective in a leadership role.

Therefore, it is just as important for you and your career to create, protect and promote your personal brand. It comes as no surprise that there are many folks out there waiting to take your job, so it is imperative that you establish your worth and prove the value you bring to your team and company, day-in and day-out. As the New England Patriots say, “No days off.”

To help you do so, Gryphon has compiled a list of 7 habits of effective sales managers that you can adapt in order to remain indispensable and establish yourself as a true front-runner in your organization.

The Secrets To Becoming A Highly Effective Sales Leader

1. Increase the Accuracy of Your Team’s Data

The first step is simple: make sure you are utilizing all sales enablement tools and resources possible. As sales teams become remote and dispersed, managers face difficulties in accurately measuring and managing cross-team performance; 2/3 of sales reps won’t make quota this year, and 67% won’t meet individual goals.

However, due to recent technological advancements and the rise of big data, there are tools and resources that can provide sales managers with all of the information and visibility they need to make informed decisions. What reps are doing on a day-to-day basis matters when the quarter closes.

The best indicator of success is real-time and accurate visibility into the sales activity that directly contributes to revenue generation.  Increasing the accuracy of the team’s data will give you the best opportunity to make intelligent decisions that will propel your team to sales excellence.

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2. Foster ROI on Marketing Investments

To increase your sales team’s productivity and revenue results, use an automated CRM tool that accurately captures data such as call attempts, length of calls and scheduled appointments across a dispersed sales team. By having insight into appointments set or frequency of calls made to leads, the data-driven sales manager can determine whether a missed goal has to do with a need for more spending, lead quality, or messaging issues, instead of needlessly falling on the sword.

More than 75% of companies using these tools report that their sales volume improved over the past 12 months; tangible results achieved by the effective use of a sales enablement system have directly contributed to the increase of budget allocation, a clear indication of ROI.

Our sales enablement solutions identify and showcase the key performance indicators that are getting results and the ones that are not, and eliminate time wasted by sales reps inputting their activities. Not only does a tool like this help measure your team’s activities, but it also shows that you can effectively manage your team when you have the appropriate resources.

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3. Demonstrate Fast Decision Making

Successful managers know when to cut their losses and eliminate underperformers. In fact, 20% of sales rep turnover happens within the first 45 days, and turnover rates for sales employees have reached a five-year high. However, it takes on average $30,000 and seven months to find and onboard a new salesperson.

Gryphon’s cloud-based sales performance management solutions have helped our clients reduce training and onboarding time by 30%. With Gryphon’s ‘leadership board’ of reps based on KPIs, from the office level to company level, you can accurately see who is outperforming who each day, week, month or year, and execute gamification strategy enabled by that data. The best way for any team to grow is through healthy competition, and a great manager knows how to foster such competition.

The numbers available to a sales manager can say many different things; you could either need a new hire or more leads, but Gryphon’s solution helps reduce the risk in this decision making while keeping churn costs at bay.

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Gryphon’s Approach To Effective Sales Leadership

At the end of the day, if you are considering analytics to strengthen your value in your current role or next role, be cautious to not merely focus on the bottom of the funnel or strictly on CRM data that is often misleading; seek a solution that empowers you to maintain a consistent cadence of call attempts, calls per lead, and outcomes that are meaningful to your business.

Though there are many choices out there, Gryphon Networks offers a highly accurate solution with a sales performance dashboard that is easy to comprehend at a simple glance and empowers managers to become indispensable in this age of metric accountability.


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