Setting a sales target is just half the battle. While nearly all companies strive to be sales leaders, only some have reached this merit. Successful selling is a multifaceted process that will only be achieved if all the pieces to the puzzle are in place—smart goals built on accurate data, real-time activity tracking of more than your basic sales data to get at the heart of what makes some reps shine and causes others to struggle.

An annual report published by CSO Insights on Sales Optimization reveals that based on the 1200 companies they surveyed, only 58.2% of sales reps met or surpassed their quota in 2013. This was a decrease from years prior– in 2012 and 2011, 63% of reps met quota and in 2010, 59.4% reached quota.

The questions that now must be addressed are why and how? Why is it that in an era with infinite innovation, there has been a clear decline in sales performance and how can sales’ teams reverse this latest trend?

This is why sales teams need more tools to analyze what to do differently, and thus take the right initiative to improve their sales department

According to CSO Insight, 94% of companies have raised their target revenue this year in comparison to what it was in 2013. A top goal that companies’ reported having for 2014 is increasing sales effectiveness. It seems ironic that these businesses are now raising their revenue goal when 41.8% of them aren’t hitting their target quotas that are currently in place. This means that they need to set not just higher goals every year, but also smarter ones.

Managers today have minimal visibility into their reps’ call activity to know if they are performing at optimal levels. In addition, most teams rely on reps to record their own notes and call results about their conversations, which often leads to incomplete and inaccurate information. No business can improve their effectiveness without clear, data-driven benchmarks, goals, and ongoing tracking.

Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence can help your team reach these targets. With Sales Intelligence, you can now gain real-time data from each call your reps make. Improving sales effectiveness every year is essential to a company’s success, and Gryphon Sales Intelligence will assist you in doing so by providing accurate sales analytics that will lead to a future of cost reduction and revenue gains across the enterprise.

Learn how your sales team can utilize Gryphon’s Sale Intelligence technology. Contact us today.

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