Over the weekend 10 Gryphon employees volunteered at the Home Base telethon to raise money for service members who suffer from invisible war injuries and their families.

A special thank you to Lisa Centrella, Kathy Young, Kathy Levine, Nuk Pulling, Kesana Krasaeyan, Dan Bowen, Sean O’Brien, Brian Reske, Matt Tise and Jon Jackson for giving up a few hours of their weekend to help raise money and awareness for this wonderful organization and those service members and their families.  Here are some thoughts from our team about their experience:

Volunteering with Home Base

“I particularly loved the donations from people who told me their loved ones participated and benefited from the Home Base program.” – Kathy Levine

It was such a great experience being a part of the Home Base Telethon.  The donors that called were all so generous and grateful to the volunteers.  I heard so many stories about their family members who are suffering from the invisible wounds of war.  They were all appreciative that 100% of their donation goes directly to support the lives of Veterans, service members, and their families. The highlight of the night for me was when Brigadier General Jack Hammond came to speak to our group.  He thanked us for our time and explained how the organization doesn’t have a lot of funds for advertising, and that the one-hour Telethon is like a Home Base informercial.   He went on to tell us that what money is raised during the Telethon is great, but getting the message out about Home Base and how they help service members and their families is so important.  He said that he expects to get many calls from those seeking help from Home Base after seeing the Telethon and believes we have probably saved at least one life, if not more.”  – Kathy Young

“Last night was incredible. I was extremely touched by the generosity of donors who watched the telethon, called in to donate their hard earned money for such a great cause and to share their own stories of how those close to them have been affected by the invisible wounds of war, and how touched they were to be donating to an organization that is so dedicated to getting these Veterans the help they need. I’m thankful that Gryphon allowed me an opportunity to help out in a way that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere.” – Sean O’Brien

“I regularly do volunteer work and I always feel good that I can do something for others. However, last night was special.  I have gained an unexpected, rewarding experience; I got to experience people’s feeling of appreciation to those who serve our country and the honor to their families. Most of all, I got to help a sister of a passed soldier who deserved to be recognized, but somehow was forgotten. My eyes are now open wider, my brain is bigger, and my heart has blossomed.” – Kesana Krasaeyan

“I knew I would be touched by this event going in, but like many of us, I was surprised by the unexpected emotion it brought to me.  I was thrilled and proud to be a part of this event and look forward to our next one with Home Base.  As I drove home last night, I felt so proud to be a part of Gryphon and sitting next to these 9 others who wanted to help!”  – Lisa Centrella

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