With all the hype around artificial intelligence and tech innovation in the current business climate, it is important to acknowledge the ever-remaining importance of the phone in the sales industry. Insurance sales is a field that relies on interpersonal connections between agents and customers, and there is no greater channel than the phone to establish these connections.

While tech is surely not replacing the jobs of agents, there are ways technology can enhance agent performance over the phone. Sales enablement tools can improve communications and outreach by giving managers the accurate information they need to analyze agent performance over the phone and coach their agents to success. So, here are five ways tech can enhance daily sales activities to improve agent performance and help your organization set higher performance and revenue standards:

Improve Agent Performance

1. Call Tracking

A sales enablement tool allows managers to bridge the visibility gap between their reps and revenue. Managers can see who is making their calls or get a high-level overview of their team’s activity with no manual data entry needed.

Manual CRM data entry is a way of the past; because not only is it outdated, but it is prone to human error and often inaccurate. Real-time analytics give sales leaders a 100% accurate understanding of their team’s performance – and save agents the time they would be spending on manual data entry to put towards making more calls and generating revenue.

2. Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows managers to monitor the conversational effectiveness of their agents from any phone, anywhere. To optimize agent performance, you need to first understand what’s working and what isn’t, and replicate behaviors of successful agents across your entire team. Speech analytics delivers missing context from conversations to provide a holistic picture of an agent’s activity and level of effectiveness.

3. Real Time, Accurate Data

The data made available in real-time through sales intelligence allows agents to know where they are at in terms of making their calls and their success rate compared to their peers. They can instantly understand how many calls they need to make, or how many more appointments they need to set for the week without any guesswork.

4. Accessible Dashboards

As a manager, you want to hire people who want to succeed and be the best. Real-time activity dashboards display the data gathered by call tracking to foster healthy competition amongst agents. Further, they allow managers to easily identify stragglers, and from there give them the coaching they need or eventually decide to let them go and hire new talent.

5. Agent-Manager Accountability

By giving managers the technology needed to properly understand and analyze agent activity, they become accountable to coach their agents to enable them to reach set performance standards. But from there, it becomes the responsibility of the agent to adhere to these standards. The key to optimized sales performance is a culture of accountability between agents and leadership where both strive to meet performance standards and generate revenue for an organization.

Learn how you can improve the performance of your agents and increase revenue for your organization.

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