December 22, 2016

Sales Intelligence News for 2013: Early Adopters Saw Improved Sales Productivity

Businesses are learning that traditional, manual methods for tracking sales activity and managing a sales team won’t cut it in today’s market. For example, Deloitte’s Analytics Advantage Survey found 55% of business using analytics reported significant or fair improvement to their competitive positioning as a result of a data-driven culture for decision making. Here’s a roundup of Gryphon’s most popular posts of the year illustrating how sales teams are using sales intelligence tools to improve every quarter and gear up for a productive 2014:

What Metrics Do You Use to Improve Sales Productivity? Sales intelligence allows sales teams to automatically collect data, but not just how many calls an agent made; richer metrics – like post-call actions taken, script adherence, or the average number of calls per conversion generated – that can be acted upon to generate real performance gains.

Automate Your Way to a High Performance Culture. Aberdeen’s Learning and Performance Survey found best-in-class companies, defined as those where 74% of employees exceed performance goals, use highly automated systems for reporting on employee activity and for recognizing and rewarding high performers.
Are you Sales Intelligent? Market pressures are making it more and more appealing to build sales teams around highly mobile and remote workers. It can be challenging to effectively manage a widely dispersed sales team, but not with cloud-based sales intelligence – learn more in our webinar here.

Next year, look for more businesses across more industries to adopt automatic, real-time data collection and actionable analytics for their sales teams as the early adopters see more dramatic improvements in sales productivity and effectiveness through tools like Gryphon’s Core Phone.