Who wouldn’t want to prevent their regular sales forecasting process from turning into a nightmare of making best guesses from incomplete CRM data? Sales forecasts used to be almost as much art as science, but in today’s marketplace, ad-hoc account reviews and sales managers’ gut instincts aren’t enough. What modern sales leaders need is accurate, real-time sales activity data they can access anywhere and instantly gain insight into their teams’ performance.

It’s one thing to turn raw CRM data into pretty charts and graphs for pipeline reviews or quarterly meetings. It’s another to automatically collect call activity data, track key sales metrics in real time, access analytics from anywhere, and get minute-to-minute snapshots showing where revenues will likely be next week, next month, and next year.

ForbesGeorge Bradt had an interesting take on forecasting in Forbes this week, recommending that businesses should use range forecasts and focus on tightening that range as much as possible, rather than taking a best guess at an exact target that investors and stock holders will hold you to. He mentioned Gryphon as a next-generation tool for removing the risk of inaccurate or incomplete CRM input, giving sales managers tools to improve the accuracy of their forecasts.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence collects call activity data from the path of every call reps make, delivering the most accurate picture of their activity, and allows managers to turn that data into actionable intelligence that enables smarter forecasting. Our customizable dashboard provides mobile-friendly access to the sales metrics, reports, and analytics that can help sales teams create targeted sales forecasts.

No other sales intelligence tool can automate and centralize data collection – and maximize the accuracy of that data – the way Gryphon Sales Intelligence can.

In addition, Gryphon Sales Intelligence can help improve forecasts generally by improving rep performance and productivity. With our solution, managers can more easily identify best practices used by their top performers and circulate those internally. In addition, managers can use the metrics to target training for underperforming reps.

See how Gryphon Sales Intelligence can help you make smarter forecasts for 2015 and improve your reps effectiveness and productivity for a better second half. Contact us today.

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