As sales organizations become increasingly dispersed, those in management positions are constantly looking for new ways to track and manage their team’s activity to keep up and move ahead of the competition. In terms of optimizing sales performance, sales intelligent technologies like speech analytics can help to uncover new revenue opportunities, reduce costs and ensure that newly hired team members are on-boarded properly.

The quantity of calls a rep is making is important; however, the quality of the call is arguably more important, and the ability to analyze that quality can and should be utilized. Speech analytics technology can not only help by processing transcripts of a sales call, but it may also provide insight into agent’s tone, keyword usage, and prospects/customer’s sentiment. With this valuable data, managers can proactively measure sales and campaigns, and identify more specific KPIs of their reps, which can assist in cultivating better sales behavior and halting bad habits.

As mentioned earlier, managers may capitalize on new sales opportunities through recorded conversations with existing customers. These recorded calls provide managers and reps with insight into customer questions, concerns, and thoughts that can be used to create personal deals or packages specific to each customer. In doing this due diligence and preparing for each call, customers become more comfortable with your reps and your brand, which will lead to more appointments booked and more deals closed.

Aside from enhancing your sales strategy and improving the customer-rep experience, speech analytics technology that can record every detail of every conversation can protect your company from pesky fines and false violations. It is also vital that your CRM software is 100% accurate so that you can certify contact in real time and safeguard your reps from illegally contacting certain individuals.

If you are a sales manager looking for a service that can provide real-time speech analytics and propel your team past your competitors, then Gryphon Networks is here to help. Our sales intelligence dashboard with speech analytics can provide you with all of the necessary data to optimize your sales team’s performance.

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