Do you know if your sales team is on track to make quota this quarter?

The best way to ensure your reps are effectively selling is to optimize the performance of every individual and your team as a whole using real, accurate data. To do so successfully, managers should implement a sales performance management system. Sales Performance Management is the process of monitoring, tracking, and coaching to improve the ability and performance of reps to achieve desired results and close sales, and this software is designed to enhance and simplify this process.

Forget the days of manually-entered activity reports. Activity performance data is a sales leader’s best asset to determine how reps are spending their time and whether they are performing adequately. From there, they can educate and motivate their salespeople with insights built on 100% accurate data to improve performance. So, make sure you get the most out of your salespeople each day. Here is how a sales performance management system can help:

Data Made Simple

Sales performance management software provides managers with real-time visibility into the phone-based activities of their reps. The goal is to simplify the process of keeping track of your rep’s behavior, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manually input data.

Sales activity is predictive of success, and this type of system allows managers to see the numbers that matter at a glance to get the insights they need. Tracking and reporting are quick and simplified, and data is complete, with information gathered from all calls made from any device, anywhere, in real-time.


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Personalized, Customizable Insights

Further, managers can take the data provided by sales performance software and compare the performance of reps, teams, and even branches in fully customized reports based on daily, weekly, or monthly activity. From there, they can establish benchmarks across their entire organizations to help drive sales results.

While some reps will reach these benchmarks and others may not, call recordings allow managers to hone in on specific data and see exactly what is going on. With speech analytics, sales leaders have access to a fuller picture of their team’s effectiveness, with specifics such as script adherence and keywords used, to understand the behaviors that work and those that do not. They can see what times are best to call, how many times reps are calling, and so on. From there, they can use that information to better coach reps, using quantifiable data as their baseline.


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Don’t Monitor—Motivate

In addition to providing managers with insights to coach their reps, data allows reps to self-assess and monitor their performance. Reps can access their activity, and seeing their numbers and rankings compared to their peers provides reps with motivation and a sense of healthy competition. Doing so can motivate them to keep up the excellent work or put in the effort to improve their performance.

As a result, over time managers will no longer have to micro-manage reps. Top performers focus on the inputs they can control, such as dials per week and contacts added to their call list per week. Sales performance software provides reps with the data needed to accurately track these statistics and allow them to understand how to improve their activity and behaviors over the phone.

Sales Performance Management

By bringing these tools to the table and utilizing activity performance data, sales managers can improve existing processes to optimize the performance of their reps and teams. Data allows for the elimination of forecasting inaccuracies and the oversight of problem areas, and further, it enables managers to manage to a standard of activity performance validated by actual calling data across their sales team.

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