With the proliferation of mobile communication and workforces becoming increasingly dispersed, the traditional four-walled, premise-based sales team is becoming extremely decentralized. As this fundamental shift continues to occur, the ability of a manager to effectively manage their team is growing increasingly more difficult and a system that, accurately captures call activity, analyzes voice interactions and reduces manual CRM data entry is essential.

Of course, you knew that manual CRM input takes time away from a reps’ selling activities, but did you also know that inaccurate CRM data can be costing your organization thousands in lost revenue and poor customer service experiences?

The Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform offers a complete CRM integration with systems like Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics. The CTI Integration includes a dialer, click-to-call functionality, and automatic call logging of call activity without manual input from your sales reps.

Call data such as the number of calls made, the frequency of dial, average talk time, call result (set an appointment, follow up, etc.), is captured automatically and is available within Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard as well within CRM giving full visibility into agent performance.

With Gryphon App for CRM, users can quickly execute calls and campaigns without having to leave their CRM interface. This execution allows your reps to save time, make more calls and have better conversations while improving the accuracy of the data that sales leaders use to manage their business and drive growth. 

Gryphon App for CRM supports Universal Access Click-to-dial, to enable tier-1 carrier grade telephony right into your CRM ecosystem. Crystal clear calling, received calls, activity capture and list view dialing simplify prospecting and outreach.

Built-in Business Rules & Call Center Compliance
Do you have a desire or need to restrict calling for any reason – such as prohibiting a rep from making a call out of their region, calling VIP customers that already have an account rep, or calling someone on your company’s Do-Not-Call List? If so, Gryphon’s CRM integration lets you create business rules that block calls according to your requirements. Alternatively, if your calling campaigns are subject to Federal and State privacy regulations, Gryphon offers the only bullet-proof compliance solution available,

Intuitive Do-Not-Call Status
In addition to the real-time call blocking within Click-to-Call, Gryphon displays simple visual indicators next to each telephone number or email address within your CRM contact (object) records that immediately tell your rep if a number is blocked or allowed. Gryphon gives you 100% warranted protection built right into your CRM.

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