Here at Gryphon we are always looking for opportunities, both big and small, to improve our customers’ experience using the Gryphon ONE Sales Acceleration Platform. We’re thrilled to announce several new capabilities, many of which are a direct result of customer feedback and input. We highly value collaboration with our customers, and we believe these new features will make our solution even more impactful to sales teams every day.

Announcing New Capabilities of the Gryphon ONE Platform

Gryphon ONE now features new dashboards that provide more flexibility to explore data, including filtering to easily change your view by hierarchy, as well as launching custom report building. The new bookmarking feature will keep frequently used data at your fingertips, and email sharing makes it easy to explore information in new ways and share it with your team.

One of the most frequent requests from our dashboard users is the ability to customize their reporting based on their role or function in their organization. This is now available in the latest release of the Gryphon ONE Sales Acceleration Platform.

A summary of key enhancements includes:

  • The ability to customize the user experience, including data interaction without needing support from your system admin or IT team.
  • Time-saving bookmarking that makes it easier for each user to find and access the information they rely on most often.
  • Quick hierarchy filtering that makes it simple to drill-down into your data at each hierarchy level, enabling easy comparisons between regions, offices, and individual sales reps.

Many of our customers have requested the ability to easily filter and compare data at different levels and we’re thrilled to bring this to you as part of the platform.

Improving Your Sales Function

Many sales organizations still rely on call recordings for assessing sales team performance and providing effective training and coaching. To make this audio data even more valuable, we have introduced enhanced speech analytics that deliver the context of your team’s sales conversations and provide a holistic view of sales effectiveness. Targeted speech analytics also measure conversational effectiveness and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as “Sales Effectiveness,” “Script Adherence,” and “Emotion Detection”. This information lets you more quickly troubleshoot obstacles before they become problems.

Further, the platform is now enabled with new Quick Help functions that can be used to, among other things, quickly and easily determine what a specific metric means. For example, how “Call Frequency” is calculated for your dashboard. Gryphon customers also have account managers and client success teams that can help you get the most out of these capabilities.

Any Phone, Anywhere

Finally, we want to give you a heads up on a new calling access method you’ll be seeing soon. We are looking forward to introducing our new Chrome browser extension. For any customers that use manual calling such as our 800 access, mobile app, or desktop dialer, this will save your team significant time. You’ll be able to scan any web page (ex. a webpage with contact information), certify phone numbers if needed for compliance, and place calls via a Click-to-Dial method. You can also disposition each call straight from the web page’s on-screen dialer. If your organization is not a Salesforce or Dynamics 365 CRM user, you’ll also be able to use the browser extension to connect with any CRM system you can open in Chrome. This, like the rest of the enhancements, provides unprecedented efficiency and flexibility for your sales team.

Learn more about the Gryphon ONE platform.

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