Let’s react in real-time to close more deals

With the power of Gryph, you’ll arm your reps to confidently handle any conversational challenge they have. Move deals faster, answer questions sooner, and overcome objections with best-in-class responses, customized to your business.

Core Benefit 3 - Tier-1 Telephony

Overcome objections

With custom content for every situation, your team will always know how to overcome any objection and maximize the success of every conversation.

  • Handle pricing questions on the spot
  • Combat competitive pushback
  • Access critical product knowledge in the moment

Adhere to the script

With full script adherence built into the platform, your team will always deliver the right message.

  • Unique scripts for different types of calls
  • Ensures rep compliance in regulated industries
  • Drives messaging consistency across the organization
Demo Script Screenshot
Real-time Guided Selling Screenshot

Never miss the next step

Eliminate follow-up challenges with automation that makes your life easier.

  • Gryph automatically flags follow-up activities right from the platform
  • Follow-up emails and meet invites are scheduled from voice prompts
  • Emails and invites sent with a simple click before the call ends

Easy content creation

Leverage 50+ out-of-the-box Gryph cards or create your own. With a fast and easy content creation tool, creating new ways to handle objections and learn about new product features can be published in seconds.

  • Customize our standard cards or easily create your own custom content
  • Easily share new best practices so other reps can benefit from team successes
  • Keep teams up to date with the newest product/feature/competitive information to keep progressing deals
Maximize speed-to-value screenshot
Provide the right answer at the right time screenshot

Onboard new reps faster

With the power of Gryph’s real-time coaching, you can get new reps on the phone faster, with confidence in their success.

  • Call scripts enable reps to stay on course while still learning
  • Give new reps the ability to handle objections with confidence
  • Links to content help new reps provide value while still on the call