who to contact

  • Utilize Machine Learning to capture data over time and determine best practices (i.e. best days and times to place outreach calls) to give reps the best opportunity to connect with prospect
  • Automate Outbound Screening of phone numbers against business- or campaign-specific rules and customer preferences
  • Enable Data Management of established business relationships (EBRs), internal do not call lists (IDNCs), opt-outs, opt-ins, and contact preferences
  • Apply Frequency and Location Blocks to conform with customer preferences and campaign guidelines
  • Automatically process and store Call Detail Records
  • Automate Screening and Blocking of outbound calls in real-time, eliminating TCPA and DNC risk
  • Eliminate manual list scrubbing to mitigate risk of human error
  • Redact sensitive information to ensure privacy
  • Record Calls as proof of proper use of consumer data