The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend continues to prove to be beneficial to companies and employees.
Cisco recently announced the findings of its Internet Business Solutions Group’s study of US IT and business leaders. According to the research, 76% of IT leaders consider BYOD to be “somewhat” or “extremely” positive for their companies, citing improved employee productivity and excellent job satisfaction as the top two perceived benefits.

Although the tangible benefits of BYOD vary, the study estimated that companies could see annual benefits from BYOD range from $300 to $1300 due to productivity gains per employee, depending on the role and work requirements. Though few businesses have implemented a comprehensive BYOD policy, most plan to. Such a strategy requires security measures such as monitoring and remote-wipe capabilities as well as offering web-based tools that work on every device.

That’s why Gryphon’s suite of marketing compliance and sales intelligence products are built on the cloud. They can deliver robust reporting and analytics, to remote or dispersed teams no matter what device they use.

Manage Based on Metrics, Not Hunches
According to Selling Power, sales managers spend a whopping 37% of their time forecasting sales. If you don’t have an accurate understanding of the performance of your reps, you will not be able to make accurate forecasts, and therefore will likely not hit your numbers this quarter.

The technology exists to close the visibility gap between revenue and sales rep activity by tracking the daily phone activities of your team. With a sales enablement tool, managers can analyze 100% accurate phone activity data. So, alleviate common inaccuracies associated with forecasting, help mold new hires into stand-up employees, and ensure that a team is working towards the same common goals – all while preserving the flexibility that is so important to your reps.

100% Accuracy, 100% Visibility
At any organization, it is essential to challenge existing internal processes and bring new tools to the table that will help to strengthen your team. Having 100% accurate, real-time data at your fingertips is the best way to improve the performance of every one of your reps over the phone. With this sales tool, identify patterns of behavior that make reps successful and set measurable goals and KPIs. Then, train newcomers based on established best-practices and hold them accountable to these goals —  with full visibility into the activities of your reps no matter where or how they are making their calls.

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