Yesterday Massachusetts-based telemarketing firm, Versatile Marketing Solutions, Inc. agreed to pay a $3.4 civil penalty to the federal government for do-not-call violations and to cease some questionable business practices. Versatile Marketing Solutions, which sells security systems, was accused by the federal government of making millions of calls to consumers who are registered on the National Do Not Call Registry and of engaging in buying lead lists from lead generators that engaged in “ethically questionable practices.”

Missouri AG Sues Telemarketers for Violating No Call, Telemarketing Laws

Last week Missouri Attorney General multiple lawsuits have been filed across the state against telemarketers for violating Missouri’s No Call list and its telemarketing laws.

The state AG filed three lawsuits against companies selling home security and monitoring systems, alleging they falsely told consumers that the FBI had reported increased neighborhood burglaries. The cases were against North Carolina-based ISI Alarms, Inc., and its owner William Jayson Waller; Californian Peter B. Tolman, doing business as Leads Direct Marketing; and Florida-based Central Security and its owner Joseph Versacio. Home security companies generate the second highest number of complaints to the Attorney General’s No Call Unit, behind credit card debt servicing companies.

In addition, the state AG filed suit against Ozark Liquidation, Inc., and its president Phillip Zieser for soliciting Missourians on the No Call registry for timeshare liquidation services and seminars. He also filed suit against Floridian Michael Major for soliciting Missourians on the No Call registry, who was doing business as “Major Data” to buy home health care supplies.

In each of the lawsuits, Koster seeks $5,000 per violation of the Missouri No Call Law, up to $1,000 per violation of the Telemarketing Law, and injunctions prohibiting the defendants from making further telemarketing calls in the state.

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