This 9-state northeast regional bank had a culture of selling to prospective new customers and servicing existing customers through outbound telephone calling. Different teams in different locations made sales and service calls throughout the day on all business days. The bank used a custom-built CRM system and had no centralized source of calling data.

This regional bank had recently been acquired by a large, national brand and was experiencing challenges related to the opening and closing of branches in addition to rebranding the entire organization. During this time, it was more important than ever that the organization ensured compliance with all federal, state, internal, wireless and curfew regulations and restrictions, while accurately applying legal exemptions. Protecting the bank from potential litigation was paramount.


 After evaluating potential solutions, the organization selected the Gryphon ONE Sales Acceleration Platform. There were several reasons for this decision: 

• Ease of use for sales and service agents to make calls without interrupting their workflow or adding steps to their 

established process 

• No need to install any 3rd party software onto the secure bank network 

• Reliability of service 

• All call detail information was easily shared with the bank for internal reporting and analysis 

• Gryphon’s established expertise in automating outbound call compliance

With Gryphon ONE platform, the bank had easy access to a cloud-based, integrated real-time compliance solution that doesn’t slow down the sales or service process. This made it easy for the organization to protect itself from do-not-call (DNC), TCPA, or other regulatory violations and fines. The platform is built for the highest-volume marketing organizations and integrates with any calling device or application.

Gryphon ONE safeguards sales and service interactions. Regardless of location or device, activities are automatically screened against unique business rules and regulatory requirements. These capabilities help the compliance team align with their sales and service counterparts – growing revenue without risking the brand reputation.


 While the relationship between this bank and Gryphon started with call compliance as a primary driver, it has since evolved to a trusted partnership for all sales and service call activity and analytics. The retail banking, investments, and mortgage sales divisions of the bank as well as all call centers now leverage the Gryphon ONE platform. The bank uses a unique Gryphon ONE feature that distinguishes between existing clients and prospects so that the automated compliance rules designed exclusively for prospecting and solicitation do not inadvertently suppress existing clients from service calling lists. Finally, gaining a complete view into call activity was stabilizing factor during the acquisition and rebranding of the bank, as well as during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

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