Kyle Seyfried is a Sales Development Representative here at Gryphon. In this interview, Kyle shares his approach to cadences and how he utilizes guided coaching technology to more effectively progress deals through the pipeline.

What type of outreach cadence – in terms of using the phone, email, or social selling – do you see move opportunities down the funnel the most quickly?

Kyle: With cadences, it is important to have a mixed bag of outreach. Emails are important, social selling is important, but at the end of the day, deals are always going to be started from the phone more often than not. I’d say 98% of the meetings that I book are going to be via the phone.

I booked a meeting the other day, and on the phone the woman said, “I keep seeing your emails, who are you guys?” She hadn’t picked up my calls yet, but she had seen my emails. By the end of our first call, she set up a meeting with us and said that if she hadn’t seen my emails, she wouldn’t have had any idea who we were.

Can you tell us how you use guided coaching technology to progress opportunities and improve your outreach?

Kyle: Guided coaching bots definitely help with deal progression. As you’re on calls, if you’re using a bot with guided coaching, you’re going to be able to overcome objections easier and respond to things like competitors that come up on those calls. At Gryphon, we use our own guided coaching bot, Gryph.

When you’re progressing these deals through the pipeline, a prospect is likely looking at several other similar vendors. Gryph is a great way to have differentiation points to bring to the table and to help guide the conversation. For example, guided coaching shows us competitor SWOT cards in real-time to make sure that we are prepared with the information we need in-the-moment.

How has Gryph helped you and your AEs to progress deals faster?

Kyle: Gryph makes sure that we are asking the right questions as we move through the sales process. Looking at deals that are currently in our pipeline, we have one prospect in stage 4 who is currently using a lot of our competitors in their tech stack. When the prospect brought up those competitors, we were able to capitalize on the negative points she mentioned. Gryph helped us ask the right questions to get the most information about the downfalls of our competitors that they are using.

Gryph’s guided coaching during calls helped build our conversation around her negative experience with competitors, which has been a huge factor in progressing the deal forwards.

You don’t want to listen back to a call after a deal is lost and realize you could’ve asked this or that or done something better. Gryph assists in real-time and listens to keywords and phrases to give us the best opportunity to win every deal.

Learn how Gryphon’s guided coaching solution can help your sales team progress deals through the pipeline more efficiently.

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