Boston, Mass. — Gryphon Networks, a leader in sales intelligence and marketing compliance, today announced the availability of Gryphon Sales Intelligence. This new solution is based on patented cloud technology that lies in the path of every telephone call—including office phones, mobile phones, and dialing systems—to provide highly accurate visibility into call activity data and empower sales managers to optimize team performance for improved sales effectiveness and training efficiency.

Today’s sales teams are increasingly dispersed across multiple offices, working from home, and communicating on various devices and phones. This new reality makes it difficult for managers and supervisors to gain accurate insight into sales performance. Traditional CRM systems require sales reps to enter their sales activity manually—i.e., calls made, appointments set, notes from calls, etc.—which makes this data highly subjective, speculative, and likely not recorded promptly. This “visibility gap” creates a challenge for managers to measure and manage the effectiveness of their teams accurately, and inserts uncertainty into critical sales projections for attainment of monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals.

Gryphon Sales Intelligence eliminates manual processes by automatically capturing all call activity data to provide deep insight into sales performance at the enterprise level, as well as across regions, offices, and individual reps. Call activity insights are delivered through an intuitive sales dashboard where managers can customize and prioritize the display of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to them. With Gryphon Sales Intelligence, highly graphical views of accurate, near real-time sales activity information will empower managers to know, at-a-glance, where to take action to improve performance while managing the team to an objective, measurable standard.

“With hundreds of branches throughout the Northeast, having full visibility and insight into both branches and sales reps’ activities is a must,” said Chris Hardwick of Santander Bank, N.A. “The Gryphon cloud platform is an integral component to Santander’s sales program, as it captures the call activity data we need to help us accurately measure the effectiveness of our team and to maximize performance. The visibility we gain with Gryphon allows us to manage activity across our dispersed sales teams better and to deliver the superior customer service our customers deserve.”

Gryphon Sales Intelligence includes Targeted Speech Analytics which automatically alerts managers to essential keywords and phrases used in customer conversations with agents. This secure call recording and analytics service is fully customizable and can help reduce training costs by as much as 30 percent by generating accurate, objective reports on reps’ actual calling interactions from any device, any time.

“One of the biggest issues facing today’s sales organizations is the lack of visibility into what dispersed teams and reps are doing, making it difficult to manage performance and accurately forecast,” said Mary Wardley, Vice President, Enterprise Applications and CRM Software, IDC. “Gryphon Sales Intelligence solves this problem by automatically capturing all agent calling activity details—including the audio conversation—from any phone or CRM and turns the data into on-demand dashboards that empower managers to make better, quicker decisions and improve the performance of their distributed sales and service teams.”

Gryphon also delivers call activity integration within Through a download from the AppExchange and the Click-to-Dial icon enabled, users can call and have their call activity automatically recorded without having to enter it manually.

Principal benefits of Gryphon Sales Intelligence include:

  • Improved visibility to prospecting, referral, service and lead activity for managers
  • Establish best practice standards, benchmark goals, and recognize patterns
  • Better, quicker and more accurate decision-making
  • Cross-sell and upsell improvements, and higher revenue
  • Reduced regulatory risk and liability across the enterprise

“Enterprises with dispersed sales teams suffer from blind spots that leave managers guessing whether their reps are performing according to standards,” said Jeffrey Fotta, president and CEO, Gryphon Networks. “Because Gryphon is seamlessly in the path of every rep’s calls from any phone, our Sales Intelligence service provides managers with on-demand access to the sales productivity metrics they need to make better decisions, optimize sales performance and improve revenues.”

Learn more: Gryphonnetworks adds visibility to its Sales Intelligence Platform

See it in action: Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard

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