Any company that relies on a sales team to promote its products and services knows the importance of following consumer behavior. The growing and widespread usage of Smartphones has had a dramatic impact on consumer behavior, with the expectation that mobile phones will continue to grow in popularity in the future. According to a recent Gallup poll performed, 62% of Americans have a cell phone with internet access, a factor that has changed the way that many consumers shop. People with mobile phones can stay in contact, conduct searches, make purchases, and even determine which company has the best rating.

This transition in buying behavior has led to changes in how consumers shop and do business, and has subsequently impacted the ways in which companies should be handling sales performance management within an organization. No longer are communications with the customer limited to the sales rep’s time in the office. Mobile technology allows them to perform all types of tasks from any device, anywhere. Improving sales performance is as easy as using an iPhone app that will ensure compliancy with Do-Not-Call regulations. Sales managers can also use targeted speech analytics to record and measure voice data, and increase visibility of all activity between reps and prospects or customers.

Beyond Consumer Behavior
Voice analysis can pick up on alerts that the customer on the other end of the line is feeling angry, irritated, happy, and more. It also recognizes specific words and phrases. It looks for patterns in your customers’ discussions, and provides you with a graphical interpretation for identifying problem areas and making improvements. Voice analysis is one of the most effective ways of improving sales performance and customer service.

The data that is collected through phone conversations will allow sales managers to better set team benchmarks and will provide them with training materials to maintain quality assurance standards. If you have always wanted a better way to understand what your prospects are thinking, call recording with targeted analytics is the perfect solution.

Significance of Mobile Phones for Today’s Sales Teams
Today’s businesses rely heavily on mobile sales to close more deals and achieve the goals set by the company. Companies continue to see growth in sales when they implement a strong mobile platform that gives each team member more flexibility. But the effectiveness of any mobile sales program is only as effective as the sales rep is at delivering a message. It isn’t about what the customer says they feel; it is about measuring real emotion that tells you what they really think about every area of their interaction.

Mobile phones have become an important part of the average consumer’s life, and a valuable line of communication between the sales rep and the customer. If you are serious about improving sales performance, your mobile phone conversations have to be included in the mix. No matter what you are selling, the way each customer perceives your company is the determining factor in the extent of your success.

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