A sales acceleration strategy involves having a set of tools and principles that can help your sales team move people and companies through the pipeline more quickly. Below, you can learn about some of the signs that may hint that your company could benefit from a new or improved sales acceleration strategy.

Your Revenue is Stalled (or Falling)

Declining revenue is one of the first major signs that you need a sales acceleration strategy. If you aren’t generating the same amount of revenue, then you are likely making fewer sales. In fact, you can even benefit from a new strategy if your sales revenue is stalled. Though it’s wonderful to maintain earnings year after year, growth should be your ultimate goal – and stalled revenue isn’t growth. Simply put, if your earnings have started falling, or if your revenue simply isn’t growing at all, it’s likely a sign that you need a sales acceleration strategy in place.

Conversions Take Too Long

Another way to tell whether your company needs a better sales acceleration technology is considering the time it takes your sales team to close a sale, then comparing this with your competitors. If your competitors can close a sale in a week, but it takes your team 15 days, this is a strong indicator that something they are doing is effectively accelerating their sales. The faster you can move a lead through the pipeline, the more leads your team can convert.

Your Conversion Rate is Low

All too often, when conversions are seemingly low, reps takes the brunt of the blame. In many cases, it isn’t the sales team’s fault at all – they’re simply trying to sell a product or service to the wrong people. Part of sales acceleration involves identifying the right leads during the prospecting period. After all, even the best salesperson cannot sell a product to someone who simply doesn’t need it. A strong sales acceleration strategy will allow you to identify better and more qualified leads from the start.

Your Website Doesn’t Get Much Traffic

Today’s consumers – including business consumers – use the internet to their advantage. Their time is valuable, so rather than wait for a salesperson to answer all their questions, many head online to get the information they want or need. It’s important that your company takes the time to build a website that answers all the questions that a lead might have. Otherwise, your sales team will be tasked with answering all of those top-level questions, slowing down the sales process. If your website doesn’t get much traffic, this is a good indicator that you need a sales acceleration strategy in place – specifically one that includes a more informative website.

Moving leads through the sales pipeline quickly and efficiently is important for growing your company and increasing revenue. If you’ve noticed things like low website traffic, low conversion rates, lengthy conversions, or a drop in your revenue, these are all strong indicators that your company could benefit from a strong sales acceleration strategy. 

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