We’ve seen an enormous change in the way the world does business, and this change has been primarily driven by the increase of mobile in the enterprise. A study by IDC predicts that the mobile workforce population will reach 1.3 billion by 2015. That’s 32 percent of the entire workforce, and the enterprise tech sector has done more than its fair share to accommodate the changing needs of today’s employees. For the most part, that is.

Historically, sales teams have been shortchanged along the way. Sure, CRM systems are here to stay, especially with the “mobile first” mentality of most, but they leave some pretty significant holes that make it harder to accurately forecast and manage salespeople, who are part of that ever-growing mobile, dispersed workforce. A major reason for this is that traditional CRM systems require salespeople to enter data into the system manually. But as we all know, salespeople want to sell, not perform data entry, and because many are unfamiliar with how their system works, many end up skipping the process altogether. Skipping this process leaves managers with a “visibility gap” into sales activity, frequently drawing on incomplete and inaccurate information to manage and forecast. As a result, it’s difficult for managers to make decisions that improve sales productivity and effectiveness.

The solution is to gain on-demand visibility into sales agents’ activity—from call attempts, conversations had, time on call, to call outcome and more. Like all data, this data is only as useful as the context, and actionable intelligence managers can derive from it.

Enter sales intelligence.

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Gryphon Networks provides cloud-based technology and systems that automatically capture, control, and visualize sales and marketing activity from any device to improve management effectiveness and reduce risk. More than a dozen Fortune 100 clients, including some of the largest banks, brokerage, insurance, and consumer services firms, are among Gryphon’s 300+ clients in North America.

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