At long last, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law is taking effect on July 1st. Businesses that fail to comply risk fines up to C$10 million while individuals at fault may be fined as much as C$1 million.

CASL was enacted in 2011 with the goal of creating an exclusive opt-in framework for all electronic marketing communications; the law is the first of its kind to require businesses to obtain express or implied consent before sending any marketing messages. This includes all service-oriented communication that possesses promotional material and applies to all existing electronic channels, such as email and text messaging, as well as future channels that may evolve from instant messaging or social media.

What does Canada’s Anti-Spam Law mean for North American marketers?

The Canadian regulatory bodies charged with enforcing CASL, the CRTC and Industry Canada, have said specific business circumstances vary and therefore, each business is responsible for determining whether or not a message is regulated by the law. Furthermore, American marketers must take pre-caution as well: any business that markets to recipients located in Canada can be held liable for violations of the law.

The scope and complexity of the law, as well as repercussions for violations, are intimidating. Gryphon, however, has the tools to help. Our team has designed a toolkit that will provide you with the information needed to better understand the scope and threat of the law, as well as the means to automatically bring your marketing campaigns into compliance with CASL and any other Federal or State regulations.

With our CASL Compliance Toolkit, you can:

  • Determine if CASL applies to your business and identify which solution can protect you
  • Understand express vs. implied consent and how to obtain both
  • See the differences between CASL and the US Federal CAN-SPAM Act
  • Learn from our VP of Privacy Consulting why this law is so groundbreaking and how enforcement will play out in 2014 and beyond

Be pro-active today by bringing your business into compliance with this important law.

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