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We believe every customer-facing conversation is mission critical. Each interaction is an opportunity to build customer loyalty, close a sale, protect your brand against risk, and maximize profitability.


Our compliance and AI-powered conversation intelligence and sentiment analysis solutions empower organizations to see, solve, and act in real-time on what matters most to their prospects and customers.

Financial Services

Reduce risk and impact the customer journey in real-time

Gryphon ONE helps financial services organizations mitigate risk, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

Our platform addresses the complex challenges faced by financial services organizations including:

  • Reducing the risk of non-compliance
  • Streamlining account openings
  • Tying products to life events in real-time
  • Identifying in-the-moment cross-sell opportunities
  • Replicating the behaviors of their most successful reps across the entire organization

Power agent performance and drive customer retention

Gryphon ONE helps insurance carriers automate compliance and QA processes, improve speed of quoting and claims processing, and drive customer satisfaction in every conversation.

Our platform helps insurance agents, brokers, and call center agents:

  • Increase the volume of outbound calls
  • Quickly and effectively onboard new agents
  • Identify key cross-sell opportunities
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance

Minimize enterprise risk and convert prospects faster

Gryphon ONE helps healthcare organizations mitigate compliance risk, convert more prospects, and improve member satisfaction.

Our solution helps members and providers:

  • Reduce DNC and TCPA compliance risk
  • Onboard new agents faster
  • Manage member channel preferences
  • Improve regulatory compliance QA processes
  • Reduce call center costs by successfully replicating the behaviors of their most successful reps across the entire organization
Contact Centers

Improve customer experience and retain agents longer

Gryphon ONE helps contact centers enhance the technology they already have, while mitigating compliance risk and empowering positive customer experiences.

Our platform helps contact centers:

  • Analyze and track customer sentiment
  • Alleviate TCPA, DNC, and collections compliance risk
  • Ensure unified communication across the entire
    go-to-market team
  • Reduce agent burnout
  • Onboard new agents faster
  • Easily implement new technology solutions within existing infrastructure

Overcome the competition and maintain compliance

In a highly-competitive environment, Gryphon ONE enables telecommunications providers to maintain compliance while providing the customer experience required to maintain customer loyalty and improve retention.

Our platform helps telecommunications providers:

  • Eliminate TCPA and DNC compliance risk
  • Track customer sentiment and improve retention
  • Overcome a highly-competitive environment
  • Onboard new agents faster