Innovative new features expand upon Gryphon’s advanced telephony platform that delivers accurate sales analytics from distributed or branch agents for sales coaching and rep effectiveness.

BOSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Gryphon Networks, a leading provider of cloud sales and marketing effectiveness tools, announces several key new capabilities to the patented Gryphon Cloud Platform. The system captures, screens and analyzes vast amounts of sales and marketing activity generated every day by geographically dispersed agents using a myriad of apps and devices to speak with customers and prospects.

The release focuses on the new enhancements to Gryphon’s phone-based services that minimize time spent by reps on unproductive activity logging, improve outreach effectiveness, and optimize workflow with CRM systems for reps who are mobile or want to retain flexibility in their daily work.

Summary of new capabilities:

Universal Access DialView – Agents who prospect from assigned or created CRM lists can call directly from the web with list view calling. On-screen dispositioning, call recording, and note-taking are supported to simplify follow-up. Activity tracks back into CRM automatically.

Universal Activity Add-On – Rather than requiring reps to call from CRM or manual logging of calls placed away from the office, Universal Activity will automatically log call details generated from any Universal Access method into CRM.

Dynamic Call-ID – Companies configured with Universal Access can standardize the Caller ID presented to customers regardless of phone type, carrier or location. This feature is customizable down to the office, team, and agent-level.

“At Gryphon, we feel strongly that the most successful sales reps are the ones who chart their own course to excellence,” said Eric Esfahanian, Gryphon’s Chief Revenue Officer. “These new enhancements will preserve sales reps’ freedom and minimize time-consuming administrative tasks while managers gain the accurate visibility they need to make better decisions.”

Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence System is an integrated cloud-based system, comprised of three Technology “layers” that work together to support the “Supply Chain” of revenue growth: sales reps, administrators, and managers in a seamless workflow.

1) Universal Access enables agents to easily make and receive work-related calls from any phone or device.

2) The patented Gryphon SecureCloud handles control and compliance of all phone activity. This SecureCloud is an advanced telephony and data processing engine that screens and collects agent call data from any phone and runs analysis against goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

3) The Visibility layer presents phone-based sales data in context with easy-to-use management dashboards as well as detailed administrative views. Unlike activity data that is logged by the reps themselves, Gryphon captures data with complete accuracy in real-time via the network.

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Gryphon Networks provides cloud-based technology and systems that automatically capture, control and visualize sales and marketing activity from any device to improve management effectiveness and reduce risk. More than a dozen Fortune 100 clients, including some of the largest banks, brokerage, insurance, and consumer services firms are among Gryphon’s 300+ clients in North America.


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