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October 7, 2021

Gryphon Networks Announces New Brand to Reflect Rapid Growth in Sales Engagement and Sales Enablement Marketplace

This article was originally published by AI Authority.

  • The company’s rebranding is a part of a larger initiative to showcase Gryphon’s new AI and machine-learning capabilities.

Boston-based SaaS company Gryphon Networks, the leader in voice-driven sales technology, has unveiled their new company brand: This rebranding reflects the evolution of the company and its recent launch of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-powered sales tools that are innovating the sales tech market. Along with this change, a newly designed company logo and website have been launched.

“ marks a new era in our company’s evolution. This rebranding reflects our vision and the AI-driven products we are introducing to the sales technology market as we continue to accelerate growth and innovation – while remaining a leader in the compliance space,” stated CEO Jeff Fotta.

For over 20 years, has served as a pioneer and innovator in the sales enablement space, providing enterprise sales teams with automatic capture and control of all phone activity from any device to ensure compliance and drive growth initiatives. The company has launched a suite of voice-driven sales technology tools designed with AI capabilities to help sales teams accelerate revenue faster. Most notably, “Gryph,” the AI-powered sales assistant that coaches reps through live calls, helps salespeople progress deals faster and improve call outcomes in real-time. also provides AI-powered conversation intelligence technology with sentiment detection to score live calls and quickly identify key coaching moments.