April 24, 2018

PACE Interview with Gryphon’s Stefan Dunigan

Last week, Gryphon Networks exhibited at the 2018 Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Convention & Expo outside of Atlanta, GA. At the conference, Ken Kraetzer of CBSIServices.com had the chance to speak with our VP of Network Services, Stefan Dunigan, and discuss key challenges and compliance initiatives for 2018.

PACE Interview with Stefan Dunigan

Ken Kraetzer: What are some of the key challenges you’ve been working on with your clients this year?

Stefan Dunigan: Key challenges, from a compliance perspective, are things around the TCPA and the definition of what an automated telephone dialing system is. Also, things like STIR & SHAKEN, which is the change in the SIP protocol initiatives like stopping robocalls.

Kraetzer: Absolutely – we’ve been talking to some of the PACE officials about STIR & SHAKEN, it’s a fairly complicated process, but enables brands, legitimate marketing companies, big organizations, to be able to call their customers. Why is it such an important initiative?

Dunigan: It is an important initiative because you look at what can potentially happen, from an industry perspective, if regulation and the enforcement of that regulation is too stringent. Customers are going to be losing out on a number of prospects, as well as the clients that they are trying to reach. We already see it today that numbers are getting flagged as spam, or robocalls, or as malicious in some nature—but they are legitimate calls from good actors, not the bad actors that kicked off some of these robocall initiatives.

Kraetzer: Tell us what your company provides the contact center industry with?

Dunigan: Gryphon Networks is a company based out of Boston, Mass. and we’ve been around for 20 years. Our heritage is Do-Not-Contact compliance. We’ve since diversified, and we now also do a lot of things around sales intelligence and activity tracking inside and outside the call center.

Watch the full interview below to learn more about the latest in call compliance.

Further, learn more about the STIR & SHAKEN initiatives here, and how Gryphon’s TCPA solutions can protect your organization