T-Mobile’s sales organization uses Gryphon ONE to improve contact effectiveness more than 50%.


T-Mobile is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the US, currently operating under several business units and brands using multiple calling environments.

The T-Mobile sales organization was looking for a flexible way to manage different types of screening profiles for compliance purposes, as well as to more effectively manage the multiple calling methods and tools being used by each business unit. The business inside sales organization, for example, offers promotions and other sales opportunities across multiple channels, including phone, email, mail or SMS/MMS/Text, adding further complexity.

The sales organization is distributed geographically across the nation. It was looking to implement a system that includes robust, automated sales compliance features, a way to capture key sales performance analytics on all outreach activity, and a secure way to capture all of the associated contact record details.


T-Mobile selected the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform to meet their sales call effectiveness needs. The platform includes thorough screening profiles for compliance and is specifically designed for the needs of distributed sales organizations. The Gryphon ONE platform is pre-configured to easily integrate with Salesforce (SFDC), includes click-to-dial capabilities directly from Salesforce, and provides automated activity logging into both Salesforce and the Gryphon platform.

The platform also provides dynamic, interactive dashboards for managers and reps/agents to track and monitor all call activity, which enhances accountability as well as providing insights into the best times to call and optimal lead follow up frequency. The platform offers call recording with redaction so that managers and reps can listen to calls with all sensitive information removed. Targeted speech analytics are part of the Gryphon platform used to measure script adherence, value proposition explanation proficiency, conversation clarity, and call quality. This helps narrow in on what’s working well, so the larger team gets the benefit of this insight through data-based coaching.


The Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform provides the company’s sales organization with a single view of all calling activity and results measurement for all locations, as well as an automated way to remain compliant while maximizing eligible sales activity. Here is a summary of the results for the organization’s first year using the Gryphon sales acceleration platform:

  • More than 260,000 additional sales calls placed
  • More than 170,000 additional sales contacts achieved
  • More than 20,000 additional ideal call outcomes
  • Call Effectiveness improved 49%
  • Contact Effectiveness improved 51%
Sales Effectiveness - T-Mobile