Maximize Sales Performance and Increase Revenue with’s New Manager Dashboard

July 26, 2021

Maximize Sales Performance and Revenue with’s New Manager Dashboard

Move the needle on your team’s call performance, deal progression, and closed revenue.’s new Manager Dashboard delivers real-time team insights that allow you to capitalize on the best practices of your highest performing reps and provide informed coaching to reps needing extra attention. 

The Gryphon Manager Dashboard enables sales leaders to: 

  • NEW! Access performance data for their entire team at-a-glance including goal progress, call effectiveness, and individual rep rankings for multiple KPIs
  • NEW! Provide constructive coaching by reviewing calls that need improvement, as well as top ranked calls that may be mined for best practices and shared with the team 
  • NEW! Ensure new or struggling reps are asking the right questions and adhering to call scripts by reviewing key calls by call score (G1 Score)  
  • NEW! Review activity, connection, meeting and opportunity data for individual reps featuring account and contact-level outreach, call sentiment, key moments and battlecard content

For sales leaders, the new manager dashboard view provides a deeper dive into the daily activities of salespeople, allowing for a better understanding of the behaviors indicative of success and more informed coaching initiatives. 

These dashboards allow you to: 

  • Save time by immediately identifying the areas of coaching needed to help all reps meet their quota  
  • Analyze performance by team and by rep to instantly see performance trends before corrective action is too late 
  • Identify behaviors that lead to positive outcomes and replicate across the team 
  • Reduce the visibility gap into calling activity and outcomes 

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