Long gone are the days where your sales reps spent hours in a cubicle, chasing leads and cold calling customers. Today’s mobile technology and worldwide reach has promoted a distributed approach to selling, and a growth in competition that demands fast access to information. While mobile capabilities have allowed us to stay in touch with clients, partners, and the home base around the clock, the growth in competition and challenge to monitor a dispersed team has turned performance management into a lot of guesswork.

The good news is that there are sales performance dashboards on the market that can address this by providing accurate, on demand data to help you manage your sales team from any location.

Managing Data

What good is an analytics system if it’s reporting outdated and inaccurate information? Being a successful manager today takes adopting a sales management system that will simplify your job. When it comes to managing your team, it’s critical to have a sales dashboard that can be viewed and managed from any device, at any location. A simple management tool will give you full control and provide you with the information and confidence to make improvements where they are most needed.

Tracking the Most Important Sales KPIs

Balancing time away from the office with the time required to accurately track critical KPIs can get tricky if you don’t have a reliable management system in place. The best solutions on the market today allow you to monitor your sales team on-demand by tracking the KPIs most important to your organization from any internet-enabled device. Keep in mind that when you’re choosing between the many solutions out there, you select one that provides a dashboard view that clearly reports on the KPIs important to you. This way, even if you’re on the road, you can view your sales dashboard at a glance and gain immediate insight into your team’s performance.

The Strategy of Sales Performance Management

Successful sales performance strategies today are driven by accurate data. It is inefficient and ultimately impossible for any manager to gather calling performance through 1-on-1’s or ad hoc meetings, especially in a dispersed setting. Likewise it’s impossible to know how many times reps are following up on leads before giving up. With the wave of sales performance solutions out there, seek one that gives you easy to read insight into engagement details and associated benchmark goals. This way you can monitor activity and compare it across teams or individuals—even top performers—so you can replicate behavior and institute a meaningful strategy.

With your reputation and your company’s success on the line, adopt a strategy that puts objective data in your hands so you can manage your team with facts. Gryphon is dedicated to accuracy of data, and offers a choice that routes all call activity through the secure Gryphon Cloud, capturing engagement data and delivering it in an interface you’ll find easy to monitor.

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