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With the industry leader for integrated, rules-based omnichannel SaaS communication that can cut your ramp times in half, triple your connect rate and double your deals with our award winning sales performance, engagement, and management software.

Our Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform processes and transforms all call data from any device into actionable sales performance insights. It also provides dynamic performance dashboards for improved coaching, management, and focused sales training, unlock your potential.

Sales Training

Designed for Sales Managers

Actionable Insights

Sales leaders have direct line of sight into the sales motion with real-time connectivity and sales performance analytics while powerful AI brings new levels of automation and productivity to decision making. Our industry leading sales performance management solutions is all about sales acceleration.

  • Evaluate and improve performance with accurate data
  • Real-time observation and coaching during a call
  • Targeted speech analytics and recording
  • Visual sales performance analytics and leader boards
  • CRM integration!

Why Gryphon

A value-based approach


Verify data
Rules-based automation
Audit tracking


Automate logging of activity
Document every interaction
Visibility to better track sales performance


Make and receive calls from any device
Maintain current communication vendors
Integrate with virtually any


Sales performance analytics and dashboards
Actionable insights for informed coaching
Speed of onboarding & spot issues early

Award Winning Performance


Gryphon is G2 Crowd’s 2020 Leader in Enterprise Sales Performance Management Software.

Gryphon received best-in-class designation from G2 Crowd reviews for Best Usability, Best Admin, Best Relation, Easiest to Do Business With, Easiest Set-up, and Quality of Support.

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